What are some sites I can find free books or audio books?

What are some sites I can find free books or audio books? I’m a little sad I won’t be able to buy books or anything because I recently found out I have fraudulent charges on my bank account and it could be a month or two till things are figured. So they froze and blocked my debt so no other changes will happen.

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  • I get my ebooks and audio books from my local public library using Overdrive. It’s great.

  • Libraries are perfect for this, just went to mine tonight to return Hawaii (which was awesome) and got the Stephen King book about JFK.

  • I used to be on Bookbub, but found out some books were advertised as free that I then got charged for! Also, some books were really not great. I think authors use it for free publicity so you have to take the bad with the good 🙂

  • I belong to Free Booksy. They send me a few books which are free everyday. Then I read the synopsis and decide whether to put it on my Kindle. Just be sure and look at the length and also if it is a part of a series.

  • You can use trial subscription services offered by Scribd, Amazon or audible. You can pass a month or two with the huge catalogue available on these platforms. Remember to cancel auto renew before the trial period runs out.

  • Yikes! Glad problems were caught & hope all is resolved soon!

  • This just happened to me — they closed the account with the fraud and opened a new one. They shouldn’t make you wait a month or two!

  • I use hoopla and overdrive through my library! Totally free and wonderful.

  • Goodreads has daily giveaways to enter. I’ve won literally hundreds over the years! I never buy books. It does take time to enter each day though.

    • I just did this last weekend 🤞 I had my wishlist open on one device and typed the titles in the search bar. It was easier than scrolling through the 100+ pages and waiting for the next page to load. 🙂

    • you have to be on the full site, not the app. Giveaways are under the browse tab at the top of the page.

  • What is booksy? When I google it I get Booksy a program for booking hair appointments! Lol!
    Can someone provide the link?

  • http://bookgorilla.com/ and bookbub .com sometimes have free books or really inexpensive) and there are other sites like that, you sign up at no charge, and they send you emails with books that are free or cheap. There are more than those two, can’t remember all the names right now.

    • I’m not associated with bookgorilla by the way, nor bookbub,I just use them.

  • Look up your local public library. Their website will probably offer you a way to download free books and audiobooks. Plus, if you go in person you can borrow books, and they’ll probably have a Book Nook or some area where you can buy donated books for cheap.

  • The public library, or hoopla, their online affiliate. just need a library card to access.

  • Overdrive at the library or a free month’s trial on Audible should get you through!

  • Your library’s Overdrive site for ebooks, the library’s Hoopla site for audio books or via your computer, ebookbike for downloading to your phone or tablet via Epub, and of course for the old-fashioned way, just borrow a “real” book from the library.

  • How about Overdrive or Hoopla from your library? Free. Free. Free! Couldn’t afford my book habit without the library 📚📚📚

  • Overdrive media, pick a library, I belong to the Free library of Philadelphia

  • So sorry that happened! But wait!! Everyone has a TBR pile or backlog on their device???

  • I’ve had a lot of luck just googling “read [name of book] online”

  • BookBub has free books, and you can do a search for free books on Amazon. There is also the public library — most have free audiobooks nowadays.

  • Overdrive is like I died and went to heaven without the die part! I tell people about it everywhere I go, especially in waiting rooms.

    • Sad I’m from India. Is there anyway I can sign up with a library without considerable charge?

    • Google Overdrive. It will walk you through the whole process. In PA we have a library that is free to all who live here. You do need a library card from the library you choose and you can choose more than one. You can borrow the ebook for 1, 2, or 3 weeks. Libraries have a limit on how many you can borrow. It varies. You can put a book on hold, if it’s not available when you want it. Be patient. If one you want isn’t available, there are 1000’s to choose from.

  • Classics on Open Culture, too. Then there is always CDs at the library.

  • See if your library has digital content available. Ours uses the Overdrive app and we log in with our library card. I use it to bluetooth audiobooks in the car on my way to work and download eBooks to my kindle.

  • The Overdrive app……I have memberships at 6 different libraries and download tons of audiobooks for free.

    • How are you able to have access to different libraries? I’ve always thought you have to live in the county to be able to use the library. I’d love to be able to expand my chances to get more books 🙂

    • all you need is one library. It should allow you to borrow from other libraries. If you have a friend in a big city those libraries are the best stocked. Boston or NYC my faves

    • I live in Toledo and have had their card for years……then because I live in Ohio I’m able to have, Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Dayton, and State Library of Ohio…..and yes…..sometimes there is a book I’m looking for that only ONE of these libraries will have….also…..when some have huge waiting list for a book(s) every so often one of these won’t have a wait list. I have found different value and use from all 6 of the libraries. 🙂

  • If you are a smart phone user, borrowing electronic and audiobooks from your library via Overdrive is even easier to manage via their app, Libby. I think it’s new. Or at least, I’m new to it.

    I find managing holds and finding new books much faster and easier than the SFPL website, though it did not pick up my huge wishlist from there. Unsurprising, but it would’ve been nice.


  • Your library. Where you can find free books legally and the authors still get paid for all of their hard work.

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