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  • Loved it! Totally different from his other books, but a wonderful story.

  • It was a good book but it took me about 1/3 to be seriously into it

  • I have noticed this with his books… but now I know it’s worth the push in the early pages! I just finished Britt Marie and that took me quite a while- but it was SO GOOD! WIth Beartown, I started it… hated it… returned it to the library then took it out again and LOVED IT! lol… (also with the Grandma title AHHHHHHHHHHH)

  • I loved it.
    Though I don’t like his method of foresight.
    It kind of kills the anxiety

  • I struggled through the first half – it’s a lot of characters to learn and the general premise is a bit dark. But from the 1/2 way point on, I read it in a single sitting. Absolutely loved it and so worth all the “work” you do in the first half.

  • Outstanding book. As stated above, very different from his other books. His book always leave me thinking about them for a long time after finishing.

  • I loved it, but it took some time to build. I actually enjoyed the way it was structured, as I could read a bit, stop, think about it and continue. Like , I find myself thinking about his books long after finishing. Just listened to Britt-Marie was Here and realized Fredrik Backman is one of my all time favorite authors!

  • It’s next up on my pile of 14 day library books. I appreciate the warning about the slow slog first third.

  • Loved it. Made me think about how and where I grew up and also gender issues in sports. The pressure we out on kids to excel.

  • I was really disappointed. I’ve loved all of his books, but this one I really struggled with.

  • I’m sort of the opposite of many readers of this book – I really liked the first half or so (and I am sooo not a sports person), but wasn’t a fan of the story line after that for some reason. I think it felt sort of contrived or something.

  • I loved it. Hockey was very popular where I grew up and he captured how over important it can become to a community. I feel he hit on thought provoking issues and explored different family relations well.

  • Loved it but it took a while to get into it so don’t quit. You will be amply rewarded. A great novel centered around themes of family, community and justice.

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