I want to know what you are reading and why you like it. I seem to fall into the same kind of books all the time

I love reading, but I seem to fall into the same kind of books all the time. Mystery with the hero getting the girl I’m the end. I want to know what you are reading and why you like it.

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  • I belong to BookBub. Read a lot of freebies that turn out to be good. Have been reading some by Sari Alexi in her Greek series (set in). Interesting stories, personalities. Relaxing.

    • I am slow, but I just signed up on the bookbub. I am surprised by the selection. It’s amazing and I am so excited! Thank you 😌 I can’t wait to find my first book.

  • Thank you Julia McKirdy and for the recommendations. I have never heard of either of these author’s but I did down load my first Fredrick Backman last night. I am excited to get started. And, I will definitely be looking up Sari Alexi.

    • Julia, Ove looked interesting. I am going to enjoy reading it.

    • Ok so I am almost half way through Ove. I have a hard time putting him down. It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time. It’s fresh and light reading. Thank you both for recommending it to me.

  • I highly recommend Powell’s Indispensable book club or Northshire Selects from Northshire bookstore or something similar. With Powell’s they select a notable book and send it along with a nice author interview and other goodies. With Northshire Selects, you let them know your general tastes and they select a book and send it monthly. Either way, I have found that I’m reading books I might not have chosen for myself.

    • Powell’s books has a huge selection. I am very excited to get started. Thank you 😌

  • Also, Peter Heller is a wonderful author. He wrote The Dog Stars( which I haven’t read), The Painter, and his newest, Celine. Highly recommend!

  • I read too many spiritual books, fiction and nonfiction. I always read the same kind of books too!

    • Sufi poetry that is from 1200s translated from Persian. Rumi is a famous Sufi from 1200s and more recently (the past 100 years or so) many poets from around the world translate his words so we can all enjoy the mysticism.

    • Coleman Barks is probably the most famous, I think. He has a bunch of books out there!

    • I will look at Coleman. I am not into poetry to much, but I am also willing to push my self.

  • Where’d You Go Bernadette about a very quirky mom from the viewpoint of her daughter. Witty and different. News of the World by Paulette Jiles. Its after the Civil War, and an old man and a young girl who had been captured by Native Americans make a dangerous journey across Texas. Just so good.

  • I like reading fiction and non. Oliver Sacks is a great non-fiction option that still has some mystery to it, as he explores how the human brain works. And in his autobiography, he gets men, so flips that trope as well. 😉

  • That’s why I belong to two bookclubs, they push me out of my comfort zone. I read books that I’d never would otherwise. That being said, don’t beat yourself up for reading the same kind of books. Reading should bring you comfort and enjoyment, if that’s what you’re getting from the books you pick, sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • Thank you! I do enjoy them but sometimes I want a change. That is what I am looking for and of course this does get me out of my comfort zone.

  • i really enjoy fiction that includes personal stories, getting to know the characters intimately is something that makes me feel more human.

  • Prisoner of Azkaban(Rowling) and A People’s History(Zinn) and Secret Knowledge (Hockney)…Why? I love fantasy, history, art. There is always more to learn. I like reading fiction and non-fiction. I try to think about why some voices appeal and keep me engaged while others fail to do so. How do some story tellers engage us so well that we revisit a book?

  • Re mysteries that r not just guy gets gal … the Mary Russell books by Laurie King.

    Re J.K. Rowling … shes writing mysteries under pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

    • For other mysteries that have female protagonists, I love Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody mysteries and her Vicky Bliss series. Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and his Isabel Dalhousie series are also wonderful

    • Lisa, I’ve read and reread and reread those Amelia Peabody books.

    • I discovered a new song female mystery series by Estelle Ryan. The series starts with The Gaughan Connection. I hope to finish this book this weekend.

  • “The purpose of life isn’t to find happiness, the purpose of life is to find if you’re worthy of being happy.” My favorite books are ones about compassion among humans. Mountains Beyond Mountains is my favorite, it’s about Dr. Paul Farmer.

  • try the J. D. Robb “…in Death” series…mysteries set in the future with a female protagonist who is happily married.

  • I am going to look in to all these suggestions. I have tried to respond to each person, but just now realized that I didn’t catch every ones helping suggestions. I am excited to be able to dig I with a whole new world of reading. Thank you everyone so much!

    • It was one of my first reads based on Silent Bookclub’s suggestions. Loved it, too!

    • I just bumped it up to the top of my stack of Kindle books.

  • Try the Pop Sugar reading challenge.. will help you read things you would otherwise not pick! Google it or check out on Goodreads

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