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  • I love my kindle and the newest one is waterproof! Definitely on my wish list!

  • I love that you can change the font on the Kindle paperwhite and no glare when out in the sun.

  • Kindle reader can go on any device. There are other readers which let you read ebooks that you buy from numerous places. Kindle does not allow this

  • I have a Kindle and a small iPad that is about the same size as the Kindle. I prefer the iPad (haven’t used the Kindle for two years) because I can download all the ereader apps (Kindle, Kobo, Overdrive, Bookbub, etc. etc.) and then get best prices. Another big bonus for me is that I then have Goodreads at my fingertips. I change the background for reading at night to remove the blue-screen so that my sleep isn’t disturbed.

  • Love my Kindle Paperwhite! Next cover will be one with a folding prop up stand, tho.

  • I have the overdrive ap on my kindle too, as well as goodreads, you can remove blue front the light on it in the evenings as well, mines set to switch automatically at 10.

    • Which Kindle do you have? I’ve heard you can’t use Overdrive with some of them. This is my biggest concern. I was thinking of getting an iPad mini just to keep using overdrive.

    • a regular fire, I only paid $30 for on prime day. Its my 2nd one. I rarely use the overdrive app, most books from my elibrary have the option to download from either there or through Amazon and I like the format better from the Kindle store.

    • plus when I read on my kindle or the kindle app it connect to my goodreads and automatically adds books to my read list.

    • I have the Overdrive app on my phone. When I borrow a book from the library (in Overdrive app) it routes me to my amazon account then Amazon sends the book to my kindle paperwhite. Once you have it set up it’s really easy, but you don’t have to have the app on the actual device for them to communicate.

  • I have the Kindle Paperwhite, but I’ve heard good things about Kobo’s eReaders as well.

  • I’ve had a kindle of some sort or other for almost 10 years….in love;)

  • Are you in the US or Canada? There’s a website where you can download epubs so you’d have to convert them if you want to read them on the Kindle.

  • Kindle Paperwhite. Make sure you get a cover too. There are lots of good cover choices on Amazon. I use it a minimum of half an hour a day, usually more, and charge it (ahead of a prompt) about once every 16-18 days.

    • It should automatically sync all of your purchases. You can also use the “send to kindle” program on your computer to send it other files.

  • I’m going through this decision as well! Not sure whether I’m ready to take the plunge. Had an old keyboard kindle and kindle fire that I barely used, except when we had no power during superstorm sandy, but everyone seems to love paperwhite kindles!

  • If all you want to do is read, Paperwhite. I love mine. Had it for 8 years.

  • I compared the size of Kindle
    To my IPhone 6 Plus. Difference so small I stuck with the Kindle App on my phone

  • Get a good tablet that can do lots of things and use Kindle App or Overdrive

  • If you want strictly a reader, the Kindle Paperwhite is quite nice. If you want an alternative to Amazon, the Kobo ereader is quite nice too. If you can splurge, a tablet will give you access to all readers- Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.

  • Kindle paperwhite. The screen is easier on the eye and you can read in low light. I don’t have a cover. I have a Vera Bradley sleeve it fits in. It’s light and fits in the hand.

  • I like to go to Beach In summer. Will paperwhite be able to have no glare?

    • No glare on the dedicated ereaders like kindle paperwhite and voyage

  • Paperwhite is a good option, I’ve also heard the new oasis is awesome.

    • I’m tech mad and always want the new thing. The cost of the Oasis is prohibitive and when you couple that with the impossibility of trying it out before buying the Paperwhite looks better and better.

    • I got the new oasis for my early Christmas present. I am completely in love with it. I read A LOT so the price was worth it to me.
      I love that it’s waterproof. I love that the lighting on the oasis is 1000x’s better than the paperwhite, it’s also not as harsh lighting. I love the size of it, still fits very comfortable in the hand but the screen is finally big enough to be enjoyable to read on, with the paperwhite I constantly found myself distracted by how tiny the screen was.

  • I have a kindle paper white and also a kobo. Kindle is better.

    • I have an iPad mini and droid tablet too. Both can use the kindle app and do other things. The only thing I do though is read and the screen is exponentially better on the kindle. I also love that the kindle battery can go weeks between charging.

    • Me, too. I like the idea that one device can serve many purposes, including allowing me to download books.

  • I’m now on my third kindle…when I bought my first back when dirt was new, there were only ~250,000 books available. Broke my second one, now have the Paper White, and love it!

  • Kindle on I pad. I had a kindle and it was dropped by my husband so I treated myself

  • I bought a really nice tablet and downloaded book apps like Kindle and Overdrive onto it. No regrets. I love it.

  • Kindle paperwhite. Had the Kobo and within a year, it started to fail. The screen froze, the whole unit wouldn’t wake up. Had the kindle paperwhite for over year and still working fine!

  • There will be lots of opinions on this. I look at it from a use perspective. If you only want to read then the kindle paperwhite. If you want tablet ability (browsing, movies, games, magazines, audiobooks) then you have to go with kindle fire. I have them all – advise against the Nook however as B&N book deals are not that compelling.

  • plenty of comparisons and reviews on youtube… I’m a paper book guy, but I wouldn’t mind a Kobo Aura or Kindle Paperwhite

  • If you are a dedicated reader and don’t want distractions, go for the Kindle Voyage – it’s amazing and I’ve had it for a few years now but it still feels like new 🙂

  • I love both my Kindle Fires. I’ve owned the nook but Barnes and Nobel site is not near as easy to navigate as Amazon.

  • I use Paperwhite. It’s simple and fairly cheap (it’s on sale rn). Honestly don’t buy fire. The main reason ereaders are so great is because of the eink screens that mimic that paper look. The fire tablets are just normal tablets.

  • I have a Kindle Fire, a Paperwhite, and my iPhone. I prefer the Paper White above the Fire. The Fire gets to be heavy after a while; also, the battery only last a couple of hours (it’s old though). I like to use my phone when I’m away from home or it’s too dark for the paper white.

  • I tend to just use the kindle app on my iPhone a lot of the time. But I do have a kindle fire and like it. Phone is just always right near me.

  • If you use library eBooks keep in mind Overdrive is the only library eBook vender compatible with Kindle eReaders. Also, the latest Kobo eReader integrates Overdrive.

    I’d focus on the weight, ease of transferring eBooks, eBook format compatibility and how you usually access your eBooks.

    I find I get distracted easier if I read on my phone or iPad. When I’m on my Kindle Voyage I don’t get notifications and it’s easier on my eyes in lowlight and bright sunlight.

    • You can side load 3m cloud library on a Kindle. It’s just a couple extra steps.

    • , thanks for clarifying. I have been debating switching from Fire to Paperwhite. My county library system has Overdrive, but City system uses 3M.

    • if you want an eReader that will work with your library take a look at Kobo’s options… they won’t work with your Kindle eBooks though. It’s why I have a Kobo and Kindle.

  • Kindle paperwhite. Battery life is amazing. Storage is amazing. I’d still have my original had I not had it nicked!
    If it’s purely an e-reader you’re wanting, this is the best.

  • Paperwhite. If all you want it for is reading this is by far your best option. Lightweight, great battery life, backlit, holds a ton of books, can read in any light conditions including bright sunlight. Great cheap sturdy but lightweight case such as fintie brand on Amazon and you’re sorted. If you want to do other things you need to consider something else.

  • I bought a kobo and promptly returned it. It had lots of issues that the kindle just doesn’t have.
    If you want a dedicated eReader (if you read a lot I highly recommend this over the kindle fire or a tablet, it is so much easier on the eyes) the kindle paperwhite is your most cost effective option. They are really wonderful readers. They have them on sale right now I think.

    If you have a little more to spend, I absolutely recommend the new oasis. I just got mine for my early Christmas present. It’s everything I wish was different about the paperwhite. Bigger screen. Waterproof. Better lighting. Softer lighting (easier on the eyes). But it is much more expensive ($250 for the basic model).

  • iPad and then you can use Nook, Kindle, iBooks and overdrive apps. Best of all worlds.

  • I have both the Kindle Paperwhite and a Nook. The Book is where I keep all of the books I buy and want to keep forever. The kindle I use for the Kindle Unlimited books that have to be returned, etc.

    I like different things about both although in truth they are both similar. I feel like either one is a good choice

  • I have a Kindle paperwhite, and it’s love. I use the kindle app on my phone if I’m somewhere without my kindle but that rarely happens.

  • Kindle Paperwhite

    I have a Kindle Fire, and a Kindle Paperwhite. I got the Paperwhite first for strictly reading books (but I have diwnloaded some games on it too.)

    If you want it for reading, hands down — the Kindle Paperwhite.

    I had a friend who moved from Nook to Paperwhite. She likes the Paperwhite much better.

  • Kindle Paperwhite! I also have a Kindle Fire, which I keep in my car and use just for listening to my books with text-to-speech while driving. (But it’s an annoying device, and I would not use the Fire for anything else.) Once in a blue moon I’ll read on my iPad Pro, but the Paperwhite is so much lighter and better for reading, that I rarely make that choice unless it’s all I have with me. And it’s handy to have my current book on the Kindle app on my phone for spare reading moments wherever I am. I love that those devices all sync together, so I can pick up wherever I left off, whether it was listening in the car, reading on my phone while waiting for an appointment, when I pick up my Paperwhite it knows right where I was.

  • I love my nook HD, and I put my kindle app on it so ALLLLLLLL my ebooks are in one place

  • If you just want it to read on and not for the internet-def go kindle (not fire) I just like that you can actually see the screen outside!

  • I love my Kindle Oasis. Tried the Nook and the tablet, but the Oasis wins hands down in any lighting conditions. It is pricey, but so much easier to hold and read that to me it is totally worth it.

  • The great thing about the Kindle is that you can sync the app on your phone as well. Then I can keep reading on my phone when I’m away from my ereader.

    • It also syncs to anyone on your family sharing plan. I have two kindles, the wonderful Paperwhite and the older but equally terrific Kindle keyboard (no longer sold). All books that I buy or borrow via Overdrive automatically sync to both.

  • A NOOK is the way to go. The new glowlight 3 gets amazing reviews. If u get one of the tablets, you can download the kindle app, but you cannot download the b&n app on a kindle. You also get 5% back on NOOK book purchases with the B&N mastercard. And there are people at B&N that can help u in person.

    • I love my Nook, lately ive been having trouble with it but other than that i love it.

    • The back light is so worth it! A lot of my reading is when my kid and husband are sleeping

  • I have the Kindle 7. I love it because it is a mini computer and I can read all the books. I do not have to have two devices. Would not trade it for anything.

  • I have both a Kindle Fire and a Kindle Paperwihite. I like both – for different purposes. The Paperwhite (a really cheap one – you can gett hem for around $50) is perfect for reading on the treadmill. The Kindle Fire is pretty much a tablet, so I can get on the web with it, and read books as well. Depends on what you want to do.

    • Don’t know. I’ve never been an audio-book fan. I only listen to them if I’m on long drives.

    • No, you can’t, which I why I like my Kindle Fire. I do all my ereading on it now. You can also stream on the Fire, which I love.

    • The only downfall with the Kindle Fire is it is hard to use in the sun. Lots of glare.

  • Kindles are amazing! Amazon is having a sale on the devices this week and for cyber Monday! So I’d plant the idea in someone’s head now 😉

  • Kindle paperwhite. I have a fire but it is heavier and thicker and the charge is only 4 hours. Paperwhite is just books.

  • I have a Samsung tablet, it does everything. No need to limit yourself with just an “ereader”.

  • After my Kindle Keyboard died, I got talked into trying the Fire. I sent it back after a week. Initially I liked the idea of being able to do more, but it’s basically a tablet and I read *everywhere* and the glare was awful on the Fire. Plus it uses lights that you aren’t supposed to use before trying to sleep – it’s like any other electronic device. I traded it in for the Paperwhite and haven’t looked back. I love that I don’t need a booklight (makes reading in bed with your partner easier!), I have so many books on it, I can read outside or inside or in the dark. It’s so much better for my eyes too – I get a lot of eye strain if I look at a computer too long (the lights) so this is perfect. Amazon tells me I have had the same one since 2015. I’ll probably try an Oasis once they’ve been out for a while, but the paperwhite can’t be beat for the price. Plus you can have any pdf sent to your kindle – so nice for when I have long documents to read that I don’t want to print or strain my eyes!

  • Kindle addict here! The software for use on IPads and phones is wonderful too!

  • I have the Kindle Fire, paperwhite, oasis, and B&N nook. By far, the paperwhite and oasis are the best for reading. Downloading books is much simpler on the kindles and cheaper than the Nook. The oasis is my favorite because of its weight but the paperwhite is great too. I use both regularly.

  • I have a Nook e-ink, mostly because I kind of loathe giving Amazon more money than I have to.

    HOWEVER, I have read on the Kindle paperwhite, and it’s an excellent reading experience – I’m just incredibly stubborn.

    • Well, I do have prime, because I missed the cutoff for canceling 🙄

      But I hate the way they try to crush everyone around them, so I try to shop elsewhere, even if it’s a little more money. I will occasionally buy stuff if needed, but…

      Also, they’ve been really shitty re: ebooks in the past-trying to con publishers.

  • I have had Kindle ereaders since the 2nd generation version and love them.

  • I use a Samsung tablet and it works great for me. The one thing that you should check though if you read a lot outside is the type of screen, I don’t read a lot outside so it’s not a problem but the Samsung is virtually impossible to read outdoors ( I had the same problem with my previous kindle fire)

  • do they still make sony ereaders? I’ve had one for ages and I love it. I tried all the others at the time, and it was the one I liked best

  • I use the kindle app on my iPad, best of both worlds.

  • I use my iPad which I have kindle app and iBooks as not all books available on both can also borrow from library online too

  • I’m a little obsessed with my Kindle Paperwhite, though I would totally upgrade to the Kindle Voyage if I had the opportunity.

  • Kindle paper white NO GLARE! It is wonderful. I have had others but love my paper white.

  • Kindle paper white is amazing! On sale right now for $90 at Target and Amazon. I have an iPad as well, but with the paper white I don’t get distracted by FB, instagram, Email, solitaire……

  • My Kindle Paper White is my prized possession. The no glare part is what makes it better than the Fire or an app on an iPad.

  • I started with the basic Nook, which I loved, and my husband upgraded me to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 with Nook. It is wonderful and has an incredible potential storage capacity with. For me that is important. I also have the Kindle app installed on it, so though I prefer Nook, I’m all set for anything.

  • I like reading on my iPad because then I only have to carry one device.

  • A tough choice, you’ll have to handle a few to see which one you like best.

  • I will say this, some people like reading on an iPad or iPhone or Kindle Fire. I do not. There are a few reasons for this.
    1) Tablets/smartphones are backlit. They emit a blue light that can cause eye fatigue and interfere with sleep. A dedicated e-reader, such as a Kindle Paperwhite uses light technology that scatters the light over the page. Almost like a book-light on paper book. It doesn’t hurt your eyes or interfere with sleep.
    2) Tablets/iPhones aren’t dedicated readers. When I’m reading, I don’t want to be tempted to check Facebook, play Candy Crush, or get notices that I have new email. I want to read!
    3) Tablets such as an iPad or Kindle Fire are heavier than a Kindle Paperwhite. I LOVE how lightweight my Paperwhite is. I can hold it in one hand forever without getting tired.
    4) Last, but not least, my Paperwhite’s battery life is amazing!! Even when I’m reading a ton, I can go forever without charging it. I recently went on a 10-day vacation and only charged my Paperwhite once. Try that with a tablet!

  • If all you want to do is read & store ebooks, I’d go for a Kindle Paperwhite. Battery lasts forever, easy to read in bright sunlight. The only downside is it’s not backlit, so you have to have the bedside light on to read in bed. Just like a real-paper book! 🙂

    • , you might have just a regular Kindle. The Paperwhite specifically has a light. But there are some Kindle versions that don’t.

  • I like Kobo. I love how I can import books from everywhere. The newer Kobos has orange light and tend to be cheaper than some Kindles, but it depends. Also, has Overdrive integration so you can borrow library books from ur ereader (depends on which model). In Canada they are the leading brand because Kindle is not so friendly with the Overdrive system that most libraries here use.

    • Overdrive has lots of kindle version books in the US. I have only come across a very small number of books that aren’t available for the Kindle. Out of the 50 ebooks I requested from the library last year, there was only one that wasn’t available as a kindle version.

    • Here in Canada they are in a non kindle format. I believe it’s .epub they do here. But I like Kindle, I have a Kindle DX! 🙂 My favourite e-reader ever because of the size.

  • I agree with the comments on the Paperwhite. I love it and carry it everywhere. I also have a Fire, my first Kindle, but the glare is too bad for reading. I tried a Nook, but found it much less intuitive to use. I borrow a lot of library books on my Paperwhite, and found it next to impossible on the Nook. What I did like about the Nook was that I could purchase books, and my local indie bookstore got credited with the purchase

  • Also, I think they are on sale now. Might go even lower for Black Friday or cyber Monday. However, if mine breaks, I would gladly pay full price to replace it. I lovey love my Paperwhite!!

  • I used to use a Kindle. Now I have IPad and use that with Kindle

  • Looking to get the new Nook Glowlight on Black Friday. I like Nook much better than my iPad for reading.

  • Paper white is fantastic. Had mine for three years, and love it. Still read paperbacks as well, I like to mix and match.

  • I have a Kindle Oasis that I love. The Paperwhite is awesome but got the Oasis since it is lighter and easier to hold. More expensive though…

  • I have a Kindle Paperwhite and love it. It’s great for me as I only use it for reading and is a good size to carry around with me in my bag. Not expensive either.

  • I love my Kindle Paperwhite! No glare, looks like real pages. Lightweight, battery lasts quite a long time, perfect for traveling.

  • Does the Paperwhite screen work OK for outside? It’s SO hard to see on my Fire, not because of glare, the screen is just too dark. It’s a little better if I switch the screen to black and letters to white, but still not great.

    • Yes! That’s what I love about it. I take it to Mexico and read by the pool while I sip pina coladas!

  • Don’t really like reading on m iPad. Too big and too much glare. I’m spoiled by my Nook Glowlight 3.

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