Piers Anthony, the author – thoughts?

Piers Anthony, the author – thoughts?

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    • I found out yeeeaaarrrrssss (like, 20) after I read the “last” one that THERE WAS ANOTHER!!! I still must read “Velvet Cloak”!!!

    • YES!!!! It’s about Death or a Vampire or SOMETHING, called “Wearing a Velvet Cloak”…….THAT’S IT, going to the library today now!!!!!

    • Oh wow, I might need to re-read all of them now, it’s been so long!

    • For some reason, I always remember “honey blonde vs wheat blonde” or somesuch being a crucial thing…..yeah, time to get them ALL back in-hand!! (quietly crying that I threw away my snake ring in a fit of rage so long ago…..)

    • Loved that series too. It was one of my first experiences with interconnected books.

  • I love him for a light read, his atrocious puns make it that much more fun.

  • Loved his work when I first read it. Re-read him recently and the writing’s not great and it’s very misogynist, but I still love the plots/underlying ideas.

    • Yes, he does tend to cast women….in the traditionally stereotyped negative way too often…but I always figured it was just generational/lazy and let it slide (he’s like, what, 84 now?) I’ve never read anything of his more than once, but perhaps…..

    • *facepalm* I’ve never actually sorted his stuff out chronologically, only tore thru one series at a time…..I should see what was printed when to get a better “feel” for him!

  • I wish I could find it….the ONLY fan letter I EVER wrote was to Piers Anthony, when I was 44 years old…..and he wrote back to me!!!!! No matter what, THAT was one of the coolest mailbox visits of my LIFE!!

    • It’s up to something like 36 books and still going…..

    • Zach read the first 5, the ones that Sid left behind. **sigh** gotta find the used book store out here….and then go there when he has some money!! He keeps re-reading stuff and it’s making me nuts to see him stalled on a new series he was enjoying!!!

  • I devoured his Xanth books when I was younger because they were quick, easy reads. I haven’t read his stuff in many years, though

  • On a Pale Horse is one of my favorites (incarnation of immortality)

  • As a kid, I found him amusing. Once I learned about his life-long mission to legalize and normalize pedophelia, I became incapable of tolerating his writing.

    • well that would explain “Firefly”…..seems as though I need to do a little more looking-into here…,.

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