Just picked up A Gentleman in Moscow. Thoughts?

Just picked up A Gentleman in Moscow. Thoughts??

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  • I will re-read this one. So many people who I respect as readers LOVED IT! I read it as a bedtime book and it put me to sleep over and over again. I’m giving this a second chance.

    • I had some trouble getting through it too. I found it slow in the middle, but it picked up and I was satisfied by the end. Lovely writing.

    • that’s how I felt. So slow for a long while but picked up and the end made it all worthwhile.

  • One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Can’t stop thinking about it!

  • It’s on deck for my book club, I haven’t started it yet. I really liked “Rules of Civility” although I have heard this is a different book but I really liked the writing.

  • Very good read. A bit slow at first, but stick with it, it’s worth it! Such beautiful prose.

  • I loved it. A truly elegant book. I will definitely reread it.

  • I absolutely loved it. 5* Don’t rush through it because it is to be savored like a 5*Michelin dinner. No kidding.

  • I loved this book so much I was tempted to start rereading it as soon as I finished it. ❤️

  • I did a double take on the post. Haha. Must put this on my to read list.

  • I haven’t read it but have heard only positive comments from friends.

  • Have fun! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. HAHA, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

  • LOVED It and when you finish it read his other book I forget the title. Give Gentlemen a chance. It starts slow but once you get into it you can’t put it down

  • Have no clue why I read this book. Totally not my type, but I loved it. Hated when it was over.

  • I am reading it now too. Not too far yet. Just on page 54, but I really like it so far.

    • Thank you! I’m so interested in that history and not much better than a well written and researched read.

  • Loved it. Stick with it. Many in my book group found it a slow start.

  • If you like character driven novels with the kind of writing that lets you see every little detail in your mind’s eye, then you’ll love it. I did.

  • Wonderful book! Definitely starts slowly but worth the journey.

  • I read this at the beginning of then year and it is still my favorite book so far. Absolutely loved it!

  • It’s an excellent read. The writing is so lovely. It is a bit slow, but it is worth persevering. It has many interesting historical elements.

  • Loved it! Extremely well written. And makes me want to go read Rules of Civility.

    • Rules of Civility was excellent also, but imo not as good as Gentleman.

    • Yes, Rules of Civility was wonderful. I think it was actually better! (Differing opinions!)

  • Thank you all for the comments. For the record- I’ve not been to Moscow, but I do have a wonderful gentleman from Wisconsin. 😂😫😳

  • Best book I read so far this year. The story starts slow, don’t give up on it until you hit page 80.

  • Almost at page 80 and reading slowly to savor this wonderfully literate and interesting story.
    Read it!

  • You shouldn’t pick up strange men in foreign countries…. Sorry just couldn’t help myself.

  • Loved it; stick with it! Found myself thinking about it long after I finished it.

    • I felt the same! And I kind of enjoyed the mellow pace 🙂

  • I wish there was a way for all of us that have read it to discuss it without spoiling it for those that haven’t read it yet. Among all the details I loved about it, there is one nitpicky thing about one event that drives me nuts, and no one I know has read it.

    • Me too I love this site but instant messaging about a book is rather tedious. It would be lovely if we could have subsections of Silent book club where you go to discuss that particular book without having to worry about who’s finished it

  • I was seduced Enchanted bemused and had difficulty remembering to eat. The author saw that by having frequent meals and the book that reminded me that my Humanity was more than eyes ears and brain. That book is going to stay with me for a long long time!

  • Anyone want to start a chat with spoilers about this book? I just finished and neeeeeed to talk about it!!

  • I’m about 2/3 of the way through. Part of me is enjoying it but another part of me is wondering, “what is the point?” There is so much going on, so many characters, and I almost want to give up but I’m doing my best to finish it for book club next week.

  • I loved this book. Beautiful writing, intriguing characters and so much more. One of, if not the, favorite of the year for me.

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