books you would recommend by Steinbeck like Cannery Row?

Reading Cannery Row. Makes my head spin.

Other books you would recommend by Steinbeck?

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  • The audiobook of Cannery Row is amazing! Some really funny parts.

  • Never heard of cannery row but am so gonna read it now 😃😃😃😃

    • Hi…. I’ve never heard of these…. can you tell me what they are please? 😊😊

    • Sweet Thursday, East of Eden, Travels With Charley. It’s hard to go wrong with Steinbeck.

    • Steinbeck used to write letters to friends daily as a warm-up to his writing….these were the ones he wrote while writing East of Eden and share about his life during that time….loved the book…Also there’s a book–Steinbeck: A Life in Letters which are letter collected from the people he wrote to throughout his whole life….love that, too

    • Louise Pearce I just downloaded a sample of Steinbeck: A Life in Letters via Amazon.

  • I have always loved “Travels With Charley”. Not his usual fare but vey enjoyable.

    • Although I’d read it years ago, my husband and I listened to it while on a cross country car trip this past summer. A good choice!

  • Definitely The Grapes Of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, East of Eden but you can’t go wrong with anything he’s written in my opinion, he’s one of my favorite authors.

  • East of Eden is my favorite Steinbeck but I love all his books.

  • I’ve read most of the above-forgot all about Winter Of Our Discontent-that was a very good book.

  • Love Steinbeck – of mice and men and east of eden are my favorites

  • A small part of me is jealous at you having so much Steinbeck before you. Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden are magnificent epics. There are shorter works you might want to try first, like Sweet Thursday (the sequel) and Tortilla Flat. I love the characters and their comradeship in these works. The powerful tragedy of The Pearl and Of Mice and Men makes these thoroughly engaging stories.

  • Sweet Thursday is sort of a sequel to Cannery Row (and is actually the story used in the 1982 movie adaptation of Cannery Row).

  • is it Grapes of wrath that has the man with no nose? I read it when I was in highschool and that is what I remember most..

  • Reminds me: I was on a bus tour and stopped at the Steinbeck Resource Center in Salinas, CA, I think. Every book has an exhibit. I was so engrossed the bus almost left without me. I was the last to board but got 2 books which included all of his novels.

  • I liked Grapes of Wrath but East of Eden is my favorite. Cannery Row is interesting but there isn’t really a story.

  • Since so many others mentioned East of Eden, I’d also like to add Tortilla Flat.

  • I am actually reading Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters by John Steinbeck right now.

    • After discovering it here tonight, I’ve just purchased it on Amazon….hope to be reading it by Thursday…… thank you 📚📚

  • Love Steinbeck. He was my first literary hero. I consider East of Eden his best. Of Mice and Men is brief but beautifully sad. I also recommend one of his least known, In Dubious Battle which is about union organizers in the farm fields.

    • In Dubious Battle is a great, powerful book. Heard a while back there was a movie being made of it, don’t know what’s come of it.

  • I went through a crazy Steinbeck binge in my 20’s (had read many as a teen; growing up in California near Monterey, he was practically required reading). Travels with Charlie was fun. Tortilla Flats. Pastures of Heaven (takes place in Carmel Valley, one of my most favorite places on Earth). Grapes of Wrath is stunning, but intense and long and well…. have tissues nearby as it’s a jerker.

  • I’d recommend anything by Steinbeck — And his acceptance speech when he got the Nobel Prize is a masterpiece.

  • I recommend no Steinbeck books. I’ve read 4 of them and just don’t see the appeal.

  • I agree with . I also grew up near Monterey (Santa Clara County) and read Steinbeck from an early age. Loving the Monterey area may be one of the reasons I like Steinbeck.

  • Travels With Charley is a favorite. More of a memoir, and a true glimpse into a country that’s moved on. I love his books. Read them all. 😊

  • “In Dubious Battle” has been mentioned and is excellent and some of the lesser novels would be huge for other authors, “To A God Unknown”or “The Pastures Of Heaven” are well worth discovering but “Journal Of A Novel” is a collection of letters that JS wrote whilst trying to write “East Of Eden” and an insight into the great man himself. Don’t know if I mentioned it but I am rather fond of Mr.Steinbeck.

    • Have read them all but this chain has spurred some re-reading……been a while 😊

    • Did you ever read “The Short Reign Of Pippin IV” ? Only one I have never finished, I must try again soon.

    • Yes, but frankly did not recall plot……think I may have not been too enamored…….will try again also

  • ALL of them! East of Eden is my personal favorite, but for a short, quick read you can’t beat Of Mice and Men.

  • I have a love hate relationship with Steinbeck but I loved “Of Mice and Men” and “East of Eden”. Hated almost everything else I’ve tried to read by him.

  • Agree with “East of Eden”. I couldn’t put it down. I also loved “Grapes of Wrath”.

  • Tortilla Flat, The Wayward Bus. The Wayward Bus is quite different though.

  • Of Mice and Men. Then watch the movie with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich.

  • Me too. Such a gentle, horrific, beautiful and sad examination of human behavior. All of his books strike me that way. Has anyone read, The Red Pony?

  • Travels with Charlie, a non-fiction about his journey around America with his dog.

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