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  • I got this one from B&N, it was like $10 and I love it. Note the battery I currently have in it is about 2 months old…its normally way brighter!

    • I have used Mighty Brighties for ~ 15 years. Love them!!
      (They also work great when the power is out due to storms.)

  • Another vote for the Mighty Bright. I’ve had mine for at least 7 years.

  • I have a Mighty Bright too. But mine has a switch that is kind of finicky and sometimes I have to jiggle the neck to get it to stay on. Probably just got a dud, but I only use it when the power goes out or I don’t have another light source. Mostly I want VERY bright incandescent light when I read.

  • Just make sure whatever you buy takes standard AA or AAA batteries otherwise replacing them will cost more than another book light.

    • I have one. But recently bought paperback books from thrift store. I love my kindle. Need the new one. My first generation kindle is so limited.

  • I like one that can shine red or white. The red bothers others less in bed or the car 🙂

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