How many books do you read at the same time?

How many books do you read at the same time? Right now I am reading 3 e books and a paper book!

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  • I have five on my “currently reading” list, but I’m only really working through two of them. I’m kind of taking a break on the others. They’re just not motivating me much right now.

  • What, no audiobook? I usually have two or three books going at once as well as at least one audiobook. I use audiobooks when my hands/eyes are busy with knitting, crocheting, driving, etc.

  • I’m a uni-booker – none of this multi-booking for me! My books get my undivided attention for the duration of their story! 😀

  • I only read one at a time, but I have them lined up ready to go!

  • There isn’t a set number. I have a bunch of long-unfinished books I always meant to finish. I don’t know at what point to stop considering them as being in progress.

    • For me, if it’s been a month, I take off it my currently reading list in Goodreads and put it on my to-read list. Most of the time, I’ll take it off that list when I purge my to-read list.

  • Usually 2 or 3. Amit Chaudhuri has a delectable, throwaway line in his nonfiction book, Calcutta, about how he likes to read books “contrapuntally”.

  • Usually just 1 at a time although I always have several downloaded.

  • I always read 3 at once. One book, one on kindle and one on audible☺

  • 3 appears to be the number! All done while knitting, sewing, watching baseball (sports) or Netflix….right?

  • I read one book at a time. That being said, I also have an audio book on while doing things around the house, yard, and in the car.

  • It depends. Always at LEAST 2/3. Usually upwards of 5. I’ve been slacking lately 😣

  • One! I don’t understand how people can read more than one at a time. When I start a book I am totally engrossed in it. I know I am wierd but that’s how I am wired. My son is always reading 4 or 5 books. Drives me crazy, crazy I tell you! LOL!

  • I’m in at least a little ways on six right now, but serious about only two. I’m not proud of this, but when I’ve got a stack of books from the library I’m always tempted to ‘just read the first chapter’ and then I’m usually hooked.

  • Usually three. A “serious” book, a “fluffy” book before bed, and an audio book in the car.

  • Usually at least 2! It helps me make progress when i get tired of reading one book, i can jump over to the other.

  • Usually only one, but lately I’ve been doing one novel and one non-fiction.

    • I’m trying to start doing this because I love non- fiction and don’t read nearly enough but I find it hard to focus on reading just non- fiction all the time.

  • 3 books and 2 audiobooks. I think this is just a hazard of my profession because I work at a library 😂

  • Usually 2, but have several I dip into just for fun (Dickens, Austen, Tolstoy, D.H. Lawrence).

  • One…… I can’t cheat on my characters by starting a second on the side. Lol

  • 4 – one in the car (for waiting for kids), one by the bed (which is also the one I read at home during the da if there is an opportunity, one (usually nonfiction) in the bathroom (don’t judge me!) and an audio book on my phone for when I can’t have eyes down but need a book.

  • One paperback, one ebook, one audio book! I try to pick totally different when a do more than one at a time so I don’t confuse myself!

  • Depends on what I’m reading. Right now six: mystery, poetry, essay collection, graphic novel, non fiction, and a paranormal.

  • I’m doing the same thing right now, and don’t like it!!! I was just telling myself this morning I need to get back to reading one at a time.

  • 2 audiobooks, 2 regular books, 1 Book of short stories/essays, one comic trade atm

  • Usually only one, though sometimes one “heavy” book and a lighter weight. I read fairly fast and get really immersed in whatever I’m reading so there isn’t time to add another.

  • Currently I have 5 books in progress. 3 of them I read irregularly while 2 are read frequently.

  • One paper for daytime reading, one e-book for bedtime reading (so I won’t disturb my husband), and one audiobook to listen to in the car. This is new for me, just started this a few weeks ago. Previously I’ve only read one at a time.

  • three or four …. one on my kindle … one book … an audio book … and a non fiction (or two) …

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