Hello, everyone! So…how do we feel about Neil Gaiman? Thoughts?

Hello, everyone! So…how do we feel about Neil Gaiman? Thoughts?

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  • I always thought him overrated. I’ve read several of his books and found them all just ok.

    • Same here, it makes me really nervous to admit I’m not a huge fan of his writing because it’s a little bit boring, IMO.

    • I found Coraline to be meh. *shrug*
      I know what you mean about being nervous to admit you find him mediocre. When an author is so beloved, sometimes their fans take it personally if you don’t like them too.

  • I just read Good Omens. Many parts were very funny (especially since I was raised in a VERY religious household) but I had a hard time finishing the book after getting 3/4 through it.

    • I tried listening to it last week and I could tell that it had some clever humor (for some of the same reasons as you). It it is one of those books I just couldn’t follow without seeing the page. So I moved on to Norse Mythology. That was entertaining too, but for totally different reasons

  • I just discovered his work recently, and I’m hooked! He is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

  • He has his own writing style and he is extremely talented. If you haven’t read Stardust I recommend it.

  • I love The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, The Graveyard Book and everything that I have read of his.

  • He’s brilliant and tells a good story, but his writing is inconsistent. I do love The Graveyard Book, Neverwhere, and Stardust.

  • I only read the Black Orchid and I liked it a lot but I’m dying to read American Gods 💜

  • Hit or miss, but I do like a lot of his stuff. Most of his short story collections have been really good. Working through Trigger Warning now and finding some of it ….. Hard going. Also, although I am an avid re-reader, I haven’t been able to do it with any of his major works.

  • I would like him more if I were still in my teens, I believe, but I must say that some of his stuff is pretty good even by my adult taste.

  • He’s the one author I will buy numerous copies of his books to collect. I own 4 signed copies

  • He is a lovely human and one of the only authors who reads a mighty fine audio book

  • I was neutral on Ocean at the end of the Lane, so I am trying his book of short stories, Fragile Things

  • I’m a fan of Sandman but overall I think he’s a good storyteller and a mediocre author. I like how his stories are mythic but there’s no depth of character, especially for the women in his books.

    • I think Shadow, Richard, And Morpheus are all quite well developed characters. I won’t disagree with the female character bit. You would think with Amanda Palmer as a partner he would be all about strong feminine characters.

  • I’ve read Neverwhere, The Graveyard Book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and Stardust. I feel like he has the ability to spin “fairy tale” like stories with just the right amount of adult and the right amount of whimsy. I find him to be a refreshing voice.

  • Am embarrassed to admit I’ve only read Chu’s First Day at School. It was a great kids book though.

  • Ya’ll should read The Sandman Graphic Novels. The stories and illustrations! Neil Gaiman truly respects the craft and the writers that have come before him. He has a wonderful imagination.

    • The Sandman was mine- but Neverwhere was the first standard novel of his I read. I’ve lost count how many times I have read it. Did you watch American Gods, Cassandra?

    • No, I don’t have that channel. I have read the book. Good Omens is coming to TV also, but don’t know what network.

  • Neverwhere stuck with me, even though it wasn’t an initial favorite, but I loved the Graveyard Book.

  • just like other authors he is loved by many and disregarded by many. American Gods has stuck with me throughout the years.

  • Didn’t finish Ocean at the end of the lane, liked Stardust and just started American Gods. The jury is still out for me.

    • As much as I love Gaiman, twice I started and couldn’t finish American Gods.

    • I’ve noticed that most people who enjoyed American Gods also enjoy mythology in general

  • I love his comics work, children’s books and shorter fiction. Disappointed by American Gods. Well worth checking out.

  • I’ve only read Ocean at the end of the lane which I loved. I plan on reading more of his books.

  • My son in 7th grade is reading The Graveyard Book, and I started it with him and couldn’t put it down!

  • I listened to his audio version of The Ocean at the End of the Lane and thought it was fantastic. It’s not a genre I typically go for but he narrates the book himself and has the most wonderful voice, as well as being a great storyteller.

  • Read most of his stuff. American Gods took a reread t truly appreciate.

  • Great storyteller makes the story come alive in your mind with the rich language.

  • I wish he was my neighbor so I could bake him cookies and sit at his feet while he told me tales.

  • Neverwhere is his best work.

    American Gods gets kinda dated…the Techno Kid god is described as a fat boy with glasses who smells funny, an early 90s stereotype of the geek computer nerd, but this was changed in the TV series to Justin Bieber slick nerd type.

    His fairy tale retellings for adult readers are some of the most indelible stories you will ever read and they inspire me to do the same with my own cultural folk tales with supernatural characters.

    • Seriously! I love listening to him talk about writing, storytelling, and his great belief in audiobooks as continuing the oral tradition!

    • I had no idea but I’ll have to look it up I only use audio books now that I’ve lost most of my vision and hand usage. It’s very different then reading a book but I’m finding I prefer it in some ways

    • me too (MS) – books, shorts, general interviews, podcasts (like New York Public Library, he read Dickens last Christmas… and has done several BBC bits!)

  • I had the privilege of meeting him, I cherish the memory.

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