I’m almost halfway through 13 Reasons Why. It hasn’t really caught me. Does it get better?

I’m almost halfway through Thirteen Reasons Why. It hasn’t really caught me and said keep reading. Does it get better?

21 Answers

    • I didn’t care for it either. I thought its message was quite mixed, which it apparently wasn’t supposed to be. After reading the book, I decided not to watch the Netflix series.

    • I didn’t either. It kind of made me angry. I stopped halfway thru.

  • This is one of the rare occasions where I thought the tv show was much better than the book, which I found pretty uninspired.

  • I didn’t read the book but did watch the show. I think it’s important subject matter and thought the show was very well done.
    It helped open conversations with my 18 yo who had watched it and wanted to discuss.

  • Nope. Put it down and pick up either I Am Messenger by Zusak or We Were Liars, can’t remember the authors name.

  • I found it worth thinking about but it’s probably best read by a teen rather than an adult.

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