Has anyone read the YA book Wonder and it’s sequel Auggie & Me?

Has anyone read the YA book Wonder and it’s sequel Auggie & Me? Someone at work brought them for me but I’m not sure I can get through them. My heart is already breaking for the little boy! And I’m only at the very beginning. I cry at everything!

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  • I cry very easily but did not cry for this book until the end! It’s that good!

    • Me? I’m maybe 15 pages into Wonder and ready to cry just imagining how he will be treated in his new school! I will read it at home with tissues!

  • I read Wonder and loved it, although I agree that it is difficult in parts. It’s so well written though and such a good story really, that you should try to keep going. I have not read the sequel.

  • Thank you all for the encouragement. I am well over halfway through. Very well written but it seems like the kids are older than 5th grade! I will finish it tonight.

  • Wonder is my number one favorite read-aloud with my fifth grade students each year. It leads to such great discussions! And yes, I do have to fight back tears as I’m reading to my class. 😉 Another fantastic YA book is Because of Mr Terupt.

  • Yes I read both and enjoyed them. It’s okay to cry! Augie & Me gives a different perspective of the minor characters in Wonder that I thought added depth.

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