Any suggestions? I’m looking for a really good biography to read this weekend.

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a really good biography to read this weekend. Any suggestions?

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  • Julia Child’s My Life in France. So sweet the love she had for her husband.

  • Beryl Markham, West With the Night, or the fictionalized account, Circling the Sun by Paula McLain!

  • I loved the Frida Kahlo biography that the movie was based on! Also Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks! I’ve bought the memoirs he wrote just before his death, but haven’t read them yet–maybe this weekend is the time to remove them from my TBR stack! Thanks for the inspiration

    • Just looked up Oliver sacks i might have to start with the man who mistook his wife for a hat 😂

    • That’s a great book too! I love his medical essays! My favorites are that one, Musicophilia, Mind’s Eye, and strangely Oaxaca Journal! Only a very gifted writer could keep me that interested in ferns!

  • Miles Davis’ autobiography is AMAZING. I mean, the guy was a total asshole, but his stories are incredible and the ease with which he jumps from some petty gripe to deep musical theory is head-spinning.

  • Mary Lovell’s Book The Churchills: In Love and War was fascinating and not particularly heavy.

  • Rob Lowe has 2: stories i tell my friends and forgot the name of the second one.

  • Walking with the wind by John Lewis about civil rights movement!

  • Both autobiographies but I recommend “Lucky Man” (Michael J. Fox) and “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You” (Steven Tyler) off the top of my head.

  • If you’re interested in women of long ago, I loved A Schoolteacher in Old Alaska, and I’ll Gather My Geese.

  • My Mother and Amelia Earhart by Jane Blue
    Kindle Edition is $ .99

  • You could tackle Hamilton by Ron Chernow, but it might take more than one weekend. 🙂

  • Ted Turners. Listen to it, he narrTes/reads it. It was so good he is amazing

  • John Adams,Zelda, any of the Roosevelts,Agatha Christie, Antonia Frasier’s Msry Queen of Scots.

  • Brothers: John Foster and Allen Dulles by Kinzer. Everyone I know who has read this book has been thrilled and PO’d. These were a couple of not-very-nice guys. I am re-reading it right now and going to bed angry.

  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed or Destiny of the Republic (about President Garfield)

  • Have just downloaded Bryan Cranston’s biography for 99p on Amazon. Not Started yet but looks really good. Another one I recently enjoyed was Spaceman by Mike Massimino.

  • a little late but if you like James Brown and his music then Kill Em and Leave by James McBride was one of the best music bios I have read.

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