Who have watched Dead Poets Society?

Who have watched Dead Poets Society? Its one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. And I’m dying to read the book. Its just tragically poetic.

19 Answers

  • Is there a book? I don’t think there is. I’m not sure tho. But that is one of the best movie I have ever watched.

    • He had so many, Sally. I liked him better as an actor than as a comedian.

  • I’ve never read a book based on a movie, seems backwards. But apparently this is the case because as near as I can tell it was published in 2006. Hmmmm

  • I really enjoyed the movie and didn’t realize there was a book as well.

  • No I didn’t know it was a book either. I couldn’t watch it now since Robin Williams passed on, too too sad given the subject matter.

  • That was filmed in my state! I met some of the producers & got to go to the set & check it out. Didn’t meet any actors, but it was still neat to see.

  • We watch it a couple of times each year. One of the best movies ever.

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