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  • I’m starting something new this year. Students will use an iPad to take a pic of themselves holding the book. Each class will have a folder on the same iPad. Delete pic when done

  • Trust. 😊 I have lost very few. And the ones I do lose, usually show up at Meet the Teacher night the following year.

    • Me, too. I’ve tried everything and decided the last few years to just let it go. A few get lost, but overall they are very good at keeping up with them. We have clean out your lockers and backpack days every once in awhile for missing books.

    • I laugh on the days when someone comes in after cleaning their room and has a whole backpack full! The thing is, if it’s lost, it’s lost. A checkout system won’t find it. I let my kids take them over the summer too. I just can’ t tell them no. They usually come back.

  • I am using a google form that I have posted in my Google Classroom. Very quick checkout with name, date and book. They do the same form when they check it back in. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Faith, hope, and pixie dust. LOL I just trust my kids to take them and return them when they’re done. I do lose some here and there, but I figure that if they want it that bad, then I want them to have it anyway.

    • It’s free and easy. Get a couple kids to help you set it up.

    • Booksource best thing ever! I bought a scanner and it’s great!

    • The app sucks and it’s still easier than anything else I’ve tried! The website is awesome

    • i agree. The website is what I use now that I have the scanner.

    • How do you manage Booksource? Do the kids sign in and do it themselves or do you scan in and out for them?

    • depends on the day 🙂 first week I logged it all and now I’m training them to log their own

    • Can they create their own account and link up to my library or do they have to login within my sign in?

    • they login under a class sign in but they can’t access your side (unless you have passwords the same, which isn’t good)

      I used the excel template and quickly added all my kids in.

    • awesome! Thank you! Lost 15/400 books last year. Trying to tighten up a little.

    • Love Booksource! Kids do all the checking out, I do most of the checking in. Love setting the “location” of the books so we can easily find something and/or return something. And it’s really helpful if I’m book shopping and I can’t remember if I have a book in my library — I can pull up my whole collection on my phone! 🙂

  • I have a binder divided into sections by class period with a form I created in Word. It has columns for the student’s name, book title, date checked out, and date returned. Students fill out the information when the take a book and when they return it. It’s worked very well and allows me to hunt for who has a book when another student expresses interest in it. I also go to the list at the end of the year and get my books returned before summer ensues.

    • I tried that, but only have them 45 minutes a day so didn’t have time for this check out system anymore.

    • Really? My kids do it when they are packing up or right as the bell rings. It only takes a minute or so.

    • some of them handled it well; others not so much. I just decided the time could be spent on other things. They love having the books to borrow, so they are good about getting them back. I just decided to let this go.

  • My library is their library. Definitely trust + a few requests to families a few times a year to encourage them to have kids return books camping out at home for extended periods of time.

  • I follow Nancie Atwell’s advice. I make a bundle of index cards with the student’s name. They write the book they are reading on it. When returned, they see me with the book and I cross out the title and initial. Low tech and old school.

  • I use http://www.librarycat.org/
    It works for me, but its not the be-all-end-all. I also believe in what others refer to as faith hope and trust! I make sure my students know that too. I am more concerned they are reading and borrowing, not with how they check them out.
    Part of the reason I use this system is because it has a searchable catalog, and I use it to help teach my students another digital literacy skill in keywords and how to find something. Feel free to check mine out http://www.librarycat.org/lib/jerhende

  • I use trust as well. But I ask for donations and I want to be able to tell those who donated that their books were read by x amount of kids. Or proudly boast “my class has read this many books this month!” So having an online system helps

  • My kids fill out an index card for every book they read. Their current book is listed on a card that hangs in the pocket chart. When they finish, they wrote the finish date and put the card on a book ring. At the end of the year they have a huge stack of cards representing their third grade reading. We push volume and stamina so it’s fun to watch their stacks of cards grow. The card in the pocket chart with the start date is really for me and for accountability. I know what and how long theyve been reading.

  • Post its with their name and the book kept at my desk. I check up on them at the end of the quarter. They are responsible to replace it if it is not returned.

  • Just take it and return it. No system. Trust has worked well. I have received books years later, but always love seeing former students.

  • Honor system. Kids each have an index card where they write the title of the book and date checked out. When they return it they cross out the title and all’s good. I rarely check these cards. I do lots of reminders at the beginning of the year. I’ve never lost a book that I can remember.

    • I do the same. Self check out. I do lose books but worth it to have books read! 😊

    • Agreed! I think that’s a small price to pay in support of developing life-long readers.

    • Just because it’s not on my shelf doesn’t mean it isn’t being read.

  • Write my name on the top and wish it Godspeed. Use points and library friends store to replenish. I liked the idea of a sticky note with name on book jacket of hardbacks (or copy of cover).

  • I don’t have one either except for hardcovers, they take off the dust jacket, put a post it with their name on it and hand that to me. I place the dust cover back on when they return it. I teach 120+ kids, I haven’t found a system that doesn’t become an inconvenience. Quoting , “I would rather lose a book, then lose a reader”

  • I use google sheets! It’s amazing for digitally keeping track of kids who have books & how long they’ve had them!

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