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    • No at all it make me fell bored i dont like it at all were about you

    • Yes am puching my self so hard with that book i didnt find any thing entresting in that book or touching or put your mind in wonduring it seems for me girlich

    • Wow, it sounds really interesting in the summary. xD I haven’t read it myself.

    • It’s a murder mystery type book. I really like Michael Connelly, and I recently started the Lincoln Lawyer series, and love it. It intersects with the Harry Bosch Series so I am going back to the beginning now

    • I have read the books and watch the tv series. Connelly is good. The Lincoln lawyer is that by Grisham? I read it and saw the movie. I adore Grisham.

    • No, that’s Connelly, too. I really like both series. They are similar yet different enough that they’re definitely their own stories. In the books Bosch and Haller (from Lincoln Lawyer) are half brothers

    • You’re right. Grisham wrote Rogue lawyer because he read The Lincoln lawyer. That’s why I asked.

    • Oh good. I’m only about a chapter in but I wasn’t too sure about it so far. It’s not something I would normally read.

    • 200 pages in and loving it so far! It’s keeping me interested. Love the authors writing.

    • It sounds super interesting! 😀 I’m adding that to my TBR pile!

    • Update: hubby took baby to the grocery store so mommy got to finish Final Girls. My reaction 😱. LOVED it! Threw me for a loop, and I was never able to guess the ending of this book which is a major 👍🏻. Highly recommend.

    • You must be enjoying the series, being on book 7! They sound great!

    • Yeah it’s pretty good. I am still kinda insure how I am liking #7 but I gotta finish now lol. I think there’s only 8 in the series so I am almost done

  • A Man Called Ove. First time I started I stopped after a few chapters. Just got back in to it and it’s getting better now. I know a few people who say it’s brilliant. Anyone else read it?

  • Witch is when it all began, free read and light. Ideal for a Sunday evening

  • Just finished Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo. It’s #2 in the Harry Hole series, the new movie The Snowman is based on book #7 so I’m trying to read all 7 books before I see the movie

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