I went to the BN bookstore and didn’t buy anything!

I went to the BN bookstore and didn’t buy anything!!

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  • That’s easy for me. I’d rather buy online or at a used or small, independent shop. Our B&N is awful. Only about 1/3 is books.

  • The only place that I actually buy new books is at the Open Door Bookstore. I actually got to meet Gregory McGuire there and he autographed my book, “After Alice” and drew a picture. He is an awesome, polite, and accommodating gentleman. I was honored to meet him. The Open Door offers a lot of book signings and will order a book if it is not in stock. I love supporting this amazing independent book store.

  • I’m not a huge fan of BN and I do try to support local so it wasn’t too painful. Back home and reading one of my many books.

  • Happens to me all the time. I find the titles I want, refuse to pay the ridiculous BN prices, so I order them on Amazon.

  • I love their writing display. It has fancy pens, bookmarks, journal wall

  • We like BN because of the play area in the kids section. I don’t buy, I just browse and add things to my library wishlist. Though we often buy kids books.

  • The prices get me every time unless I see something in the bargain bin.

  • I try to buy from bookstores when I can afford it because I don’t want them to go away

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