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  • Zero guilt.
    My husband and I go together and do the best we can to not buy them all. We remind ourselves that we are supporting our local bookstore (which our town just recently got and we don’t want to lose!) so us buying books is good for our community 🙂

  • Somewhat. I feel huge guilt buying full-price at a bookstore. Zero guilt buying at garage sales (25¢-$1). Moderate guilt spending $2+ on Kindle/Nook books.

  • I actually feel great about buying books from “The Open Door”, an independent bookstore that has been in business for many years.

  • I have to smuggle a newly-bought book into the house. My wife is not a reader and she believes that I have more than enough books in the house.

    • Cindy, I agree with you in ways.
      For a long time I bought books at thrift stores, got books from book swapping sites and various other ways.
      Until I accumulated almost 2000 books.
      I have been going through mine and giving them away.
      I thought it would be hard.
      But I am trying to minimize the stuff in my home.

  • There is no such thing as too many books. I you are on a budget, go to a locale used book store or library book sale.

  • I’d say food is the least guilty shopping, as it’s absolutely necessary and I can’t check it out, use it, and return it for free at some kind of foodbrary. But I am way more inclined to spend money on books I can’t otherwise access than on most other things.

  • I find that charity shops have masses of books for absolute pennies. You can walk out with a bag of decent titles for bupkis.

  • I think its been mentioned here before, but I’ve been getting into BookMooch recently where you trade books with other people — definitely guilt free! It feels like sending positive energy out into the world every time I mail a book 🙂

    • I’m visiting my son in Denver this week and I’m going to two of my favorite bookstores while I’m here. I packed less to make sure I can fit books in my bags on the way home! ✌🏻❤️📚

  • When I was a child, my parents were on a limited budget yet they never refused to buy us books. In turn, my children and I spent a great deal of time in bookstores and both are ardent readers. One should never feel guilty about buying books. (That being said, I started using the library a few years ago — I used to have trouble returning books on time and incurred large fines but have now decided to be a responsible adult — and have saved thousands of dollars! Checking a book out of the library makes me as happy as buying a book.)

    • I use the library more than I buy books, especially audiobooks – probably part of why I never feel guilty buying. I try to borrow, then I have less “stuff” to deal with, but if I love a book then no guilt in getting my own copy 🙂

    • I love borrowing audio books from my library via their app. It is automatically returned after two weeks (so I don’t have to remember) and I don’t incur any fines! A win win!

  • Sadly, I’d have to go with groceries. The rest of my family likes to eat!

  • The money one spend buying a bag could buy books that fill a wall.

  • Totally! I bought nine on Friday night and was over the moon. 😉

  • yes!!! I do feel less guilty buying books than say clothes that I don’t really need rofl I am not much of a shopper to be honest but I do tend to buy clothes that just hangs there.. At least all books will be put at use in my head 😀

  • Books are not street drugs. No animals are killed. The good ones don’t go out of fashion or stop fitting. They don’t require fossil fuels or cause noise pollution. Special equipment is not required. Few injuries beyond eyestrain are reported.
    Nope. No guilt here.

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