Do any of you have “Book Sisters” – those who love the same books you do and vice-versa?

Do any of you have “Book Sisters” – those who love the same books you do and vice-versa? It makes selecting books so much easier. Some of my faves’ for those that want to “sister up” are: Cutting for Stone, The Girl You Left Behind, The Invention of Wings, The Secret Life of Bees, The Good Earth, The Secret Keeper, The Nightingale.

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  • I like this question. My book sisters, I have to say, are usually my two daughters.

  • Yes – one of my best friends and I are always recommending books to each other and talking aboutbooks.

  • Ok. I don’t mean to be disagreeable here but because of my book buddy relationship, I read books I would not pick to read. I read them because she liked them and then sends them to me (and vice versa!). I have broadened my reading horizons and I think she too would say is happening for her. I’m liking books I never thought I would even try. Just sayin’. Something to consider.
    HOWEVER! On the other hand I have an almost 50 years younger friend and she and I share a love of YA lit. We read a lot of the same books. We can just say a book title or a character or a snippet from a book we’ve both read and immediately know what the other means. It’s like short hand!! It’s fantastic and I love it.
    Whew! Ok that was long!!!

    • Polly, it’s sort of the same, though. I explored a new genre because my “book sister” liked the book and found that I liked it, too. I LOVED the new The Best of Us (memoir), a genre she never reads, but she did because of me and loved it.

  • My actual sister is also my book sister. We have a “book club of two”, and we rotate who picks the book. We have very different interests but similar tastes, so it’s always entertaining.

  • Well, The Nightingale and The Invention of Wings might be the two best things I’ve read this year. I know I also enjoyed The Secret Life of Bees, but it was a few years back, so I don’t remember it well. I haven’t read any of the rest on your list… but we might at least be book “cousins” 😉

    • When my youngest was in high school about 7 years ago, he was assigned The Good Earth by Pearl Buck. I decided to read it too and loved it. I want to try and fit in classics here and there as it’s easy to forget those. I loved Memoirs of a Geisha, too.

  • My book sister and I are a household in Amazon so we can read the books the other buys

  • I love when I find people who I can trust in their recommendations. One of my favorite ways to experience a story is going in blind, sometimes not even knowing the genre. And there are very few people I trust for them to just plop a book in my lap and say “you’ll like this, read it” and I’ll read it no questions asked, no checking out the back cover or reviews first. Just me and page 1 to the end. And that just makes me incredibly happy.

    • Wait. I never read the Kate Morgan book, or any of her books! I’m going to download this right away!

  • I love your term, “book sisters”! You listed some of my favorite books. Have you read Ahab’s Wife, The Signature of All Things and Poison wood Bible? Also Anna Quinlan and Anne Tyler. ..Those would be among my book sister lists.

    • Yes! I loved Poisonwood Bible and I’ve enjoyed Anne Taylor, too. I have Ahab’s wife in TBR pile as well as several Anna Quinlan’s I got at a library book sale. I also enjoyed The Rent Collector, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, the Kite Runner, I’m reading a lot of Joyce Maynard now.

    • Hmm…we might be book sisters. Adding The Rent Collector to my tbr pile.

  • We may be related! I’ve read five of those and they are among some of my favorites!

    • A couple other of my favorites are Letters to the Lost, The Lost Wife and The German Suitcase. (I read a lot of WWII historical fiction).

  • I have a literal biological sister that lives in another city and we send our books to each other, so… yes? 😉

  • We seem to share both a name and book preferences. I just finished (and loved) A Secret History Of Witches by Louis Morgan. I also liked The Secret History, Sara’s Key, The High Mountains Of Portugal, Life Of Pi, The Glass Castle, The Buddha In the Attic, . . . Will add to this once I check my “list”.

  • Yep my therapist. She and I really like psychological thrillers.

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