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  • I use Overdrive & borrow from the library… following for answers too

    • $14.99/month seems steep, but I guess it depends on how much the books cost on top of that and how many you listen to a month

    • You don’t have to do a membership with Libro, you can get them a la carte. Check out the sale “playlist” for sure, they update it on the first of each month!

  • Thank you!! My husband wants to be able to read more and audio books are his best option between his commute and working at a desk. I’ll look into all of these options 🙂

  • I use Playster. Unlimited audiobooks for $9.99/month. The app on an iPhone is a little buggy, but it works on my Samsung fine. There is a huge selection. I listen to 5 or 6 books each month with it.

    • Also, you can use it on up to three devices, so my husband and I share a log in and can listen to different books.

  • Hoopla. Most libraries subscribe to it and you may borrow up to 12 audio books a month depending on each library’s settings.

  • With libro, my indie store has a 20% off code for a la carte audiobooks, so if you don’t have you own sign up through us at http://libro.fm/libertybaybooks and use LBB20 for discount. Works on sale books too. Not sure if it will stack, but on November 25th EVERYTHING on Libro is 50% off for everyone, 80% off if you have a monthly membership. Definitely going to get all the things that day.

  • Correction, not everything will be 50% off, but 50 books will be. Apparently the account should be made beforehand to prevent an overload of the system as well!

  • Overdrive & Public Library. For New York State residents- get New York Public Library card and access SimplyE

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