Anybody know of a site where you can get free books sent to you in the mail

Anybody know of a site where you can get free books sent to you in the mail

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    • I have done paperback swap. You have to be patient about receiving books. I have sent several books off and have credits that are slow going coming to me. Best luck seems to be with older releases.

  • Enter the giveaways on Goodreads. I’ve won like 5 books that way.

    • I mean, you have to enter a lot of giveaways. Like spend 30 minutes a week just clicking through them.

    • I second entering giveaways on goodreads! I’ve probably won close to 100. But I put in the 30 min or so each week and have been entering for a few years.

    • you have to go to the website, not app, click the browse tab at the top and click giveaways in the drop down. It will take time but you can win!

    • I’ve noticed I usually win when I’ve had activity on there…reviews, ratings, new friends, and adding books

    • Christy Anderson oh…thank you. Haven’t done a lot of that. Will work harder on that…so little time…prefer reading and writing. 😊

    • True, but spending 5 min after you read a book to write a review and then spending 15-20 on that same day entering and winning a free book is time well spent to me! I’ve read some really good books from winning giveaways and they are books I would have never picked up otherwise.

    • I know you are right. I am, however, working on a side project to start a business next year when I retire. I am really excited about it and it is taking all my time outside of work. As I am over 60…only have so much time and energy. But will keep it in mind for next year when I do retire. Awfully kind of you to weigh in. Sent you a request on goodreads!

    • Just wanted to say thank you for your tips to win goodreads giveaways. Last night I spent about 20 minutes and entered a ton! And I got an email this morning that I won one!! I’m a little too excited, but I never win anything lol.

    • yay! I told you it’s possible. Be prepared to buy another bookshelf for all the books you win (I had to)!

  • I use bookmooch and have never had a problem. You just have to be willing to send books to others when you are done so get the point to mooch more. It costs me $3-$5 to mail a book in the US and I have gotten some great books and made some great friends

  • Librarything has an Early Reviewers program and a Members Giveaway program. I’ve received many free books, but I think they try to match based on your catalog on Librarything, and I have a large catalog with a variety of books.

  • Are good reads giveaway books just available in US or around the world? Sorry for this

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