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  • I worked in a library so I read three to see what the fuss was about. I wanted to red pencil them and send them back. It seemed to me that the books are the same with different character names and settings.

    • Many, many people love her books. Everyone enjoys different things. That’s why reading is so wonderful. Perhaps, we share an interest in another author.

    • Yea of course absolutely and I understandable ! I like mysteries live stories I like a lot other than her Stephens King I liked not too big in him
      Anymore ! I like a variety !

    • Love mysteries. See, we do have common ground. Didn’t want you to think I was being nasty about your love of Steele. I like Jeffery Deaver and his Lincoln Rhyme series.

  • I was a fan of a few of her books. Haven’t read many though? Any suggestions?

  • Read a ton of Steele after I graduated my MBA My brain was tired and her work was fun and just what I needed. No longer my taste Could be I’m 30+ years older.

    • I was just thinking about this today! I am secretly relieved to hear you say this. I stopped reading her abruptly and couldn’t figure why she was suddenly “not fun”.

  • My aunt was. Born in 1917. She had every one. Also got letters from Danielle for the Fan Club.

  • Was a big fan. It’s been almost 20 years since I last read her.

  • I read her books like mad when I was a teenager, but it’s been decades for me since I’ve read one of hers.

    • Same here. I did the same thing with my James Michener phase. I seem to have grown out of my author phases. Now my taste in books is more eclectic.

    • I just read Hawaii! I have The Source as my next up 😂 (Although I read 2-3 at a time, so others are happening too.)

  • My mom loves Danielle Steel. She gave me a few books. Still have to read. There was a news story that just came out that she Denys being a romance novelist.

  • I was back in high school almost 30 years ago. Then I read her Message from Nam or whatever the title was. That became my first DNF and I never read anything of hers again.

  • Did y’all know a couple of her husbands were prison inmates and she wrote to them than married them? Seriously!

    • They weren’t bad looking fellas, I think one was a murderer or least convicted of murder.

    • I never liked her books, but after learning this, I’d definitely read her autobiography if she would write one.

  • Was when I was young. Once recognized the formula, stopped reading.

  • I used to be about 30 years ago, but have moved in. I find her stuff to be too romance driven for me now. A little formulaic. But with that being said, I haven’t read any of newer releases. Perhaps she has changed too?

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