Just started “The Sympathizer”. Has anyone read this? Thoughts?

Just started “The Sympathizer”. Has anyone read this? Thoughts?

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  • Not an easy read, but it told an eye opening story. Important for Americans to read and absorb.

  • The writing is beautiful. The story didn’t grab me, but it was definitely worth reading.

  • Disliked. Strongly. I only stuck with it because I committed to read all The Pulitzer Prize winners! I understand why others respect it, but ugh.

  • Had to skip over parts at the end of the book. However it was an education and I’m glad I stuck with it

  • It was a difficult read for me but I finished it and am happy I did. I read an interview with the author and he commented that it’s a novel about refugees more than about immigrants. It was also interesting to get a view into the immigrant/refugee Vietnamese culture.

  • I absolutely loved it. Its content is heavy at times, and the pacing is a little clunky but what I found so amazing was how the narrator grapples with identity and Duty. Oh and the ending is incredible.

  • It was one of my book club’s selections, several months ago. Interesting to look at war in Vietnam and its aftermath from a Vietnamese point of view.

  • It was tough to read but I thought he was a good writer. This story has stuck with me, I learned a lot about the war, and a lot about immigrants to this country.

  • Definitely recommend it but it is a tough read toward the end. But I finished it and went out and got his other book – The Refugees — also excellent. I enjoy reading both sides of the issue and as it relates to Viet Nam, most of what has been produced is from the American point of view. Nguyen flips that.

  • Worth reading, well written but to be consumed in small doses due to its heavy political content and historical commentary. It’s not a plot driven story but very interesting, makes you curious , makes you think and I love books that make me want to know more about topics or create discussion. Had the same feeling reading Americanah and the various shades of racism.

  • Just finished and highly recommend. Great writing from a historical standpoint obviously, but the satire was brilliant too.

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