Is it worth giving the film The Time Traveller’s Wife a chance? 5 years after reading it, I still get all weird-feeling

5 years after reading it, I still get all gut-twisty and weird-feeling from The Time Traveller’s Wife.

Is it even remotely worth giving the film a chance? I HATE book-based-movies that fail and ruin the book for me…..

20 Answers

  • I’ve only ever seen the movie and I liked it a lot. Sounds like I should read the book!

  • I liked the book a lot, too, and I thought the film did the book justice.

  • Read and watched. The book is on my top ten list, the movie wasn’t bad. It won’t ruin the book for you, for sure.

  • I chose not to watch the movie after loving the book — maybe I will now, after all.

  • I only read it. I also loved it so I’m a bit timid about watching the movie.

  • Loved the book. Liked the movie. Re-read the book at least once a year.

  • One of my all time fav books–for a long time after, if I heard the name Henry I immediately thought of that character. Movie was just ok. Didn’t ruin the book for me but didn’t do it justice either.

  • Thank you all so much for the reviews! I might just take the chance and watch it WITHOUT re-reading it first, to be safe!

  • Love the book and enjoyed the movie which is easy to follow if you’ve read the book first.

  • Loved the book. The movie is also quite good. I was not disappointed!

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