I wanna short,easy dystopian or crime novels for beginners in english

I wanna short,easy dystopian or crime novels for beginners in english

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  • Could you clarify? Is the crime reader new to the genre? Afraid of violence? Blood? Would you prefer cozy stories?

  • Stephen Kings trilogy..Mr Mecedes, Finders Keepers, The Last Watch.

    • Reading Mr Mercedes now. So different from his usual fare!

  • I really enjoyed Sherwood Nation by Benjamin Parzybok. Set in Oregon, a time of water rationing. I think this falls into the Dystopian category. I read it at a time when my county was talking about rationing, so very timely!

  • In the crime genre Donald Westlake’s Dortmunder series are both page-turners and also very funny. Bank Shot and Drowned Hopes are a couple of my favorites from him. Hilarious, and great characters.

  • If you want something that will grab your attention and not be terribly difficult, try some of the popular young adult fiction. The Hunger Games, The Selection, Matched, Maze Runner, and The Giver are all wonderful examples of excellent dystopian fiction. I am currently listening to 1984 and the connection to today’s world is frightening and eerie. A Handmaid’s Tale is another book you might like. I think teens like this genre so much because it allows them to safely explore the dark pieces of the world safely. Have fun with it! 📚

    • But doesnt the handmaid’s tale is so hard for beginners in english

    • I hadn’t considered that aspect of your request. It may be difficult. Perhaps try some of the other books! 😁 He Hunger Games, The Giver, and The Maze Runner are all adapted into movies now, so that might be fun for you. You could read the book and then watch them movie!

    • I will look for it! I try to stay on top of what might interest my ninth and tenth grade people.

  • Bird Box, Girl with All the Gifts, Station Eleven, Handmaid’s Tale, The Last Policeman, Zone One, good dystopian novels, let me know when you are ready for zombies!

  • I haven’t read all the so these might be a repeat, I only put short-ish stories.

    Short dystopian:
    – a clockwork orange.
    – Anthem, Ayn Rand.
    – Animal farm, George Orwell.
    – We, Yevgeny Zamyatin
    – The time Machine, H. G. Wells
    – Out of the silent planet, C. S. Lewis

    Short crime:
    The Sherlock Holmes books, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  • I highly recommend audiobooks paired with the actual novels. Getting to hear the words helped me.

  • Purported to be the first detective story of the modern Era. Murders in the Rue Morgue. By Poe.

    • It’s a locked room murder mystery. The language is classically proper English.

    • Like most novels of the nineteenth century it’s a great grammar learning tool.

    • Bram Stoker. Mary Shelley spring to mind. But the Bronte sisters were very good. Emily, Anne and Charlotte. Any book of theirs. D.H Lawrence too. Also you may want to try Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw.

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