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  • No, but I really need to do so soon! I’ve had it on my TBR since it came out.

  • I did and was sort of meh about it. I think the messages could’ve been conveyed better but I have to keep reminding myself it was for a younger audience. You should still check it out though. A lot of people loved it.

  • Just read it for our grown up book club. It was a quick read, good story, appreciated that it was told from different character perspectives. Doesn’t gloss over hard things, well worth it.

  • I read it also and liked it. I hear it’s being made into a movie.

  • I read it for my book club and my son read it with his 5th grade class. Great book!

  • I thought it was a beautiful book. I have a 6 year old, and I bought a copy for her library.

    • There’s a new version for younger readers. I’m planning to get it for my classroom. “We Are All Wonders.”

  • Yes, it’s a terrific book, one of my favorites, and shares such a great lesson.

  • Not yet. I plan to buy it for my 7-yr. old grandson and read it with him before the movie comes out.

  • I enjoyed it. I didn’t realize that it was for a younger audience when I picked it up.

    • The good thing about getting older is that you realize that ALL books are for you!

  • Nope, but I read wonder boys and it was fabulous! I’m just saying…

  • Oh my! I loved it. The whole story, the characters, the possibilities…

  • Excellent book for middle schoolers! I recommend it to the kids in my school every year…some teachers use it as a read aloud. Very important messages about kindness and compassion. Movie comes out in November!

  • YES!!!! It’s definitely geared more towards middle school students, and we did it as our school-wide read last year. The kids and teachers loved the themes.

  • when my kids were in middle school, one summer the whole school was assigned to read it …. so i did too … and it is awesome …..

  • I read it was my special education English class and all my students loved it.

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