Does anyone every have dreams of the book your reading?

Does anyone every have dreams of the book your reading??

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  • Yep. And I mostly read mysteries, so they can be quite disturbing.

  • The dreams I had while reading World War Z were out of control. I woke up one morning convinced my roommates were zombies 😂💀🙈

  • Did you know that your dreams while sleeping on your left side are more likely to be craziest and disturbing?

  • Only if it’s a book about Johnny Depp or Jon Bon Jovi.

  • Very seldom …and I dream (or remember my dreams) all the time.

  • Yesss lol I was going to make the same question cause almost every time I read right before bed I dream about the characters I’m reading about haha

  • The Stand… I dreamed I was in Boulder Colorado. Kojak was mine.

    • Is that the book where everyone’s teeth fall out? I remember a King book with that “sign ” and dreamed all mine fell out. I literally woke up and ran to a mirror! Lol

  • Yep. The book was It and I woke up practically screaming…

  • Yes, just recently I put down a Reacher before I finished at bedtime. Dreamt I was helping Reacher figure out what was going on.

  • YES! I keep having dreams about the people in a book I’m reading now. It’s the first time I’ve had dreams about a book in a long time. Usually I have dreams from movies.

  • I had a nightmare when I read Endless Night by Richard Laymon. Awesome book!

  • I’ll try to put The Scylding down after I finish reading it again, and I’ll try to read Endless Night. I don’t know how successful I’ll be. I keep rereading this one, and Dark Ages, and I can’t seem to get any others open while I’m thinking about these. :/

  • No, but when I was 14 I braided my hair into one long braid down my back, slept on a mat on the floor and tried eating only rice and tea, like the characters in The Good Earth. Pearl Buck was the first author that made such a big impression on me, and I still remember a line, “Meat is meat,” said by the mother as she retrieved a piece of meat someone had thrown in the dirt and returned it to the pot. It was the first time I “felt” the suffering and experience of the characters that much or lived their lives vicariously through reading.

    • Amazing experience of a book. Out of curiosity, have you read The Monkey King by Timothy Mo? I always think of these two books together; separated by close generations. Third world and First world.

    • No, but you have me intrigued. I’m sure I might view The Good Earth differently if I read it now as an adult as compared to being an impressionable 14-year old.

  • all the time, even dreaming the ending or chapters ahead.. sometimes I’m even right in my outcome.. most times I’m not.. I mingle along with the characters in my dreams and travel all over the world.. the down side is when I’m reading a mystery and I’m the one being chased.. mostly it’s a very pleasant time.

  • Yeah, sometimes… I remember when I finished the Infernal Devices trilogy, and I had dreamed about Jem for a couple days after it.

  • Yes, whenever I read before going to sleep. I find myself as the female character. In some of the books, that can be wild! 😲

  • sometimes. happens more often when I am writing. I live, eat and breathe my characters

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