Any recommendations while I’m on jury duty the next five weeks?

Any recommendations while I’m on jury duty the next five weeks?

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  • Buy a stack of books cheap so everyone has something to read to prevent them from loud boring discussions in those long recesses.

  • Ok, just gotta tell you, I am jealous. I love jury duty and to make it even better, I take a bag full of books when I serve. So much down time means lots of good reading. Haven’t been pulled in two years so I should be in next years rotation 😁

    • I am hoping to get on a jury Monday when selection begins…..only called once before but never made it to the jury. I feel it’s my duty, plus, I have never seen that side of our justice dept. I am taking The Nightingale with me!

    • I never minded jury duty. It’s so interesting, plus you get a lot of time to read. I was on a first degree murder trial a couple of years ago and it was absolutely fascinating.

    • I always meet the most interesting people. And usually I know five or six people there already. I live the judicial process and have sat on several small cases. Nothing too exciting but had a case where a woman assaulted a man who really deserved it. That case was hysterical and even the judge was laughing. We found her guilty because there was a video of her doing it but even she was laughing.

  • Download something from Netflix, just in case your book turns out to be a dud. Trust me, I know of what I speak.😒 That was the most expensive data day I’ve ever had….

  • My last time on call, I grabbed the stack of magazines I hadn’t gotten to, and as I read them, i passed them along to other people without anything to read!

  • I read Stephen King’s 11/22/63 during my month of jury duty.

  • I’d pick an interesting trilogy or series. Then you’ll have something to keep you going for a while. The Bill Hodges trilogy from Stephen King?

  • GRISHAM! Maybe they will NOT WANT YOU because you are so “trial ready” lol. Good luck!!

  • Something non-police or legal, like Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore.

  • I served last month and one of the jurors had written a book. He brought copies for several of us to buy and I really enjoyed it. It was a journal he had written after getting home from serving in Afghanistan. Not anything I would normally buy.

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