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  • Fiction – “The Luminairies” by Eleanor Catton

    • 29, my son and his wife. They will be in between jobs and will spend nearly 7 weeks there.

  • Whale Rider? I know the movie but not the book. Seems a good fit though.

  • The Promise: The Lover’s Heart by Hallie Jo. A beautiful allegory of forgiveness and redemption.

  • Maurice Gee Under the Mountain. YA but still good for adults and very grounded in NZ geography. Janet Frame if you’re looking for more literary stuff. Alan Duff Once Were Warriors – a beautiful, hard novel and film. I don’t know anything more modern. I did my MA in NZ but that’s 17 years ago now I realize!

    • A public library librarian came to speak to my classes one year and talked about this book. I don’t know about the students, but I enjoyed the series!

  • The Bone people. Keri Holme. Sometimes disturbing, always engrossing winner of the Booker (before it became the Man Booker)

  • Lloyd Jones: I’ve read “Mr. Pip” (very good) and “A History of Silence: A Memoir” is on my TBR

  • I wen there in 2016 and read The Luminaries. I also went to the west coast of the South Island where the story was set. Although Hokitika is now more of a beach town than the mining boom town of the 1860’s, I enjoyed reading it while I was in the country.

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