Review Policy

Review Policy

Review Policy: I read young adult novels, science fiction/fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal and romance. Though I focus on those, I also love other genres including mystery and travel.

If an author, publicist or publisher is interested in The Book Swarm reviewing a book, I can be contacted at

If you send an unsolicited book and it does not receive a review, please understand that it might not have been my cup of tea (I generally don’t read books that I know I won’t like as I much prefer to rave about a book) however, I would be glad to forward it to another reliable reviewer or give it away, if that is acceptable.

Due to time constraints, I do no accept self-published novels for review.

If you send me a YA novel, it will most likely end up in my classroom library or, if it’s not an ARC, donated to my high school’s media center library. Just spreadin’ the love. If this is not alright with you, please let me know.
FCC DISCLAIMER: All books discussed on The Book Swarm are personally purchased, borrowed or were given to me by the publisher/publicist/author for the purpose of an honest review. I receive absolutely no financial compensation for reading and reviewing books. I talk about these books because I love to read and love to share that passion with others.

BLURBS and BOOK COVERS: The blurbs and book covers used on The Book Swarm are from the GoodReads Product Description.