Quick Shot Book Reviews (21)

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A little shot’ll do ya…
Quick Shot Book Reviews

23460944Grim Tidings (Hellhound Chronicles #2)  by Caitlin Kittredge

Urban fantasy, paperback, 368 pages; published April 19, 2016 by Harper Voyager; source: publisher

Ava is a hellhound and both assistant and girlfriend to the newest Grim Reaper. After years of servitude to the previous Reaper, Ava is exploring her freedom with the newest guy (and exploring his body, as well). But not everyone is happy with the newest Reaper on the block and the war between the angels and Fallen is heating up. This story picks up right after the first and does little to recap the prior events (I’m actually fine with this — sometimes there’s too much recapping) but it works because Kittredge is a master at worldbuilding, so it’s not confusing (I think you could probably even read this without having read #1). We flashback throughout the book, learning more about Ava and her origins and past deeds as a hellhound while continuing to move forward as she hunts down this new monster threat. A well-written, fast-paced read. 4 stars

30819179Out of this World (Out of this World #1) by Patricia Eimer

SciFi romance, ebook, 193; published July 25, 2016 by Entangled Publishing; source: publisher

Looking for something kind of quirky, goofy, over-the-top and hot as hell? I highly suggest picking up this book, then. It was just what I needed — a fab summer read. Princess Corripraxis runs away from home (so she doesn’t have to marry a slime-covered warlord) and crash-lands in a pasture on Earth only to run into (literally) a woman, steal her identity (literally), and get picked up by a hot ex-Marine. Corri then attempts to fit into Earth life while figuring out what to do with her real life. She finds a job, lusts after a man, dines on cars (yeah, literally), and discovers TV. This is definitely suspend-your-disbelief-and-just-enjoy-the-damn-thing story, especially since Corri is, in fact, a scale-covered green alien with tentacles for hands and spikes for hair who falls for an Earth man. 4 stars


30257379The Purloined Poodle (The Iron Druid Chronicles #8.5) by Kevin Hearne

Urban fantasy, ebook, 112 pages; expected publication September 30, 2016 by Subterranean Press; source: publisher

An Oberon and Atticus adventure! Yahoo! Oh, how I’ve missed tales of just the Druid and his dog. Oberon, as you may know, is obsessed with poodles. So, when he finds that a prizewinning poodle has been abducted, he horrified (who would kidnap a poodle?) and talks Atticus into investigating it. As they visit dog parks and chat with owners, they uncover a whole string of dog thefts …as well as a new doggie buddy for Oberon (curious as to how long the little dude will stay with them). The banter and love between Oberon and Atticus just shines off the page and reminds me as to why I fell for this series in the first place. Adorable, light and fun. 4 stars

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