Quick Shot Book Reviews (13)

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25894059Arena by Holly Jennings

SciFi, hardcover, 336 pages; published April 5, 2016 by Ace; source: publisher

Highly entertaining take on a world where professional gaming has taken over more “traditional” sports as the most popular sport to watch. Kali, the first female team captain in the Virtual Gaming League’s history, is an engaging main character, one who struggles with her own demons even as she fights to keep her team at the top of the heap. After a teammate overdoses, a new player (with his own issues, of course) comes on bard and Kali has to get her team’s act together before they  lose it all. Plenty of action and some great characters make this a fast and fun read. 4 stars


16280689Staked (Iron Druid Chronicles #8) by Kevin Hearne

Urban fantasy, hardcover, 301 pages; published January 26, 2016 by Del Rey; source: publisher

A favorite series…though I do wish we’d go back to just Atticus’s POV (with a little Oberon thrown in). Granuille needs to have her own spin-off series! Almost too much going on in this installment and, to be honest, a bit overwhelming with three different POVs telling what amounted to their own stories within one novel. It’s not that I don’t like the others in this series — I do — but I really wish that we could rein it in a bit and get more focused. And, is it just me or do Atticus and Granuille make a terrible couple? The romance just isn’t there. They’re so much better off as just friends. While this wasn’t my favorite of the series, it did wrap things up and calm things down a bit for Atticus and the gang. Maybe things will go better for him in the next book. Or not. 4 stars

23604333Flight From Death (Fly By Night #1) by Yazmine Galenorn

Urban Fantasy, paperback, 300 pages; published July 7, 2015 by Berkley; source: publisher

This series is set in the same world as Galenorn’s other series but the characters don’t really overlap. However, I did feel a bit of a disconnect with some of this, as it referenced people and events that I was unfamiliar with, adding no real additional details for those who haven’t read her other series (or only read a couple books out of them). Once we got past that, the story really started to take shape. I liked the main character, Shimmer, a dragon who was “paroled” to Earthside from the Dragon Reaches after stealing from a VID (Very Important Dragon). Still young in dragon years and naive in the ways of the world, Shimmer is struggling to figure how how everything works in this new place she’s found herself in. However, there’s a hot vampire who’s throwing some serious heat her way (though he broke up with his succubus girlfriend just days earlier…instalove/lust, much?) and a mystery to be solved. An interesting start to a new series. 3.5 stars

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  1. I didn’t even know that Hearne switched to alternating POVs. I really don’t like the thought of that. Plus, you’re right, the two of them lack chemistry. I really would have preferred it if they just remained friends.
    Also, Mary! I missed you!