Quick Shot Book Reviews (12)

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23677341We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

(YA Contemp/SciFi, hardcover, 455 pages; published Jan. 19, 2016 by Simon Pulse; source: publisher)

This book was so unexpected — it was basically a contemporary read filled with family, loss, friendship and moving forward through challenging circumstances…with aliens. (Actually, I spent most of the book wondering if there really were aliens or if it was all in the MC’s mind.) Henry, the main character, knows he’s been abducted by aliens multiple times and now, the fate of the world rests upon his shoulders: he has to decide whether to destroy humanity or let it continue on as is. This is made more difficult with the suicide of his boyfriend, his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, his mother’s struggles and the general crappiness of his life at that particular moment in time. But then he meets Diego and begins to see the possibilities… Really, a great book. 4.5 stars

23830990The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

(YA Fantasy, hardcover, 336 pages; published Oct. 6, 2015 by HarperTeen; source: publisher)

We’ve all felt like wallpaper or background furniture at one point or another in our lives (or not. Maybe you’re the Satchel or Finn in this story and it’s all about you. I don’t know.) and that’s who this book is about: the background kids. In many ways, they’re lucky — they’re not the ones who die when the next weird magical baddie appears on the scene. They don’t have to solve the unsolvable riddle to prevent the end of the world. They won’t fall in love with an ancient being who might love them back…or might eat them if it gets peckish. They also don’t have names like Satchel or Finn. While the next end of the world event is happening, they’re going through their regular lives, filled with teen love, cheating, prom, sickness and, well, everyday life. I liked it! 4 stars

25663637When We Collided by Emery Lord

(YA Contemporary, hardcover, 352 pages; published April 5, 2016 by Bloomsbury; source: publisher)

I do adore Emery Lord (do you follow her on Twitter? She’s adorable.) and her writing. This story focuses on Vivi and Jonah. Each of them are struggling with their own issues: Vivi is struggling with her bipolar diagnosis and Jonah is trying to hold his family together as his mother slips into deeper into her depression. Jonah was by far my favorite character. He was just so endearing! A sous chef and budding head chef, he worked hard in his late father’s restaurant while devoting the rest of his time to his family, along with his two older siblings. Vivi burst into the family’s life like a burst of lightning and shook things up as she blazed through her manic phases, sweeping them all up in her wake and bringing joy and fun back into their lives, something that had been missing since the death of their father. While I could understand Vivi and how she really just wanted to be “normal” (really, what is normal?), I had a hard time with her stopping her medication without talking to her mom or doctor…not a good choice on her part. 4 stars.

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