Quick Shot Book Reviews (11)

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25671827Dirty (Dive Bar #1) by Kylie Scott

(Contemporary romance, paperback, 288 pages; published April 19, 2016 by St. Martin’s Griffin; source: publisher)

While I went in expecting something a little more like Scott’s Stage Dive series (with the rock and roll band stuff and all) but this was just as good! There are tats and lots of drinking, so that makes up for it. Really liked Lydia, especially as she didn’t just lay back and take what that cheating, philandering SOB finance and his family were dishing out. I think my favorite part was how she and Vaughan actually became friends — helping one another work through their respective issues — before moving into the lovers territory. They both really needed a good friend at that time in their lives. Super-hot once they finally got together, too! That bathtub scene…*fans self* 4 stars

26134300Rock Redemption (Rock Kiss #3) by Nalini Singh

(Contemporary romance, Kindle edition, 349 pages; published Oct. 6, 2015 by TKA Distribution; source: publisher)

Can I once again tell you my undying love for Nalini Singh? I think, if I ever had the chance to meet her IRL, I would probably make a massive fool of myself. Not only does she write two of my go-to reread series, she also writes fun and hot contemporary romance. *bows down at her keyboard* Kit’s a famous actress and Noah’s a rock star — they start out as friends but then Noah makes some exponentially stupid moves and she leaves his arse (smart girl) and moves on. But this story is about love and redemption (completely with dark angst) so, of course, Kit and Noah come back together with plenty of clashing sparks and smexytimes. Loverly. 4 stars.

23204215The Game Plan (Game On #3) by Kristen Callihan

(Contemporary romance, Kindle edition, 323 pages; published Nov. 1, 2015; source: publisher)

Oh, this cover. I don’t know what it is about a man fixin’ to take his shirt of that makes him even hotter than if he were shirtless but… *swoons* And Ethan. Dear sweet baby Jesus. He’s tatted, bearded, muscled, sweet and, OMG, a virgin. I LOVE IT!! I utterly adored wild child Fi who is perfect for Ethan. Loved how they are friends-cum-lovers (I’m sensing a theme in the books I’m currently reviewing…). Another winner. 5 stars.

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