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26074185Ruined (Ruined #1) by Amy Tinera

(YA Fantasy, hardcover, 368 pages; published May 3, 2016 by HarperTeen; source: publisher)

Em is all about revenge, isn’t afraid to kill those in her way to get it. She’s a bit scary but her drive makes for an interesting story. Actually wish this was a bit darker (too many attempts to lighten the subject/scenes). 3.5 stars

22698568Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #2) by Erika Johansen

(YA Fantasy, hardcover, 515 pages; published June 9, 2015 by HarperTeen; source: publisher)

After an amazing book 1, I was a little worried about where book 2 would take us. Never fear. Kelsea has matured, the complex storyline still exists (though we have some answers now). Interesting dual POV btw Kelsea and Lily. 4 stars

13834Emperor Mage (The Immortals #3) by Tamora Pierce

(YA Fantasy, paperback, 358 pages; published June 1, 2005 by Simon Pulse; source: publisher)

I will never not love Tamora Pierce though this isn’t my favorite series of hers (Alana takes that spot). While the second book in this series was a little slump-y, we came back full-speed with this story. Crunchy, hippie Daine is by far my fave character in this series but, man, don’t piss her off. 4 stars

51tGwN6NvqL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Realm of the Gods (The Immortals #4) by Tamora Pierce

(YA Fantasy, paperback, 347 pages; published Jan. 1, 2006 by Simon Pulse; source: publisher)

Didn’t love this like #3. Daine is separated from her compatriots and it’s just not the same. Lost a lot of the connection filled with new characters/bad guys. 3 stars

24336355The Tattooed Heart (Messenger of Fear #2) by Michael Grant

(YA Fantasy, hardcover, 400 pages; published Sept. 22, 2015 by Katherine Tegen Books; source: publisher)

I just really felt for Mara in this story. After driving a girl to suicide, she’s now an apprentice, sentenced to become the Messenger of Fear. It’s a dark and bittersweet story that doesn’t suffer from soggy middle syndrome. 4 stars

20652088Ash & Bramble (Ash & Bramble #1) by Sarah Prineas

(YA Fantasy, hardcover, 464 pages; published Sept. 15, 2015 by HarperTeen; source publisher)

Liked how well-known character tropes from the different fairy tales were twisted and turned. Dragged a little in parts but overall, an enjoyable story. 3 stars

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