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Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young (YA Mystery, hardcover, 288 pages; published Nov. 3, 2015 by Simon Pulse; source: publisher)

Creepy goodness. Not usually a scary story person but this one appealed and was eminently readable. While it wasn’t as good as the other Young I read, the creep factor alone made this story. 3.5 stars

Wicked Charms (Lizzy & Diesel #3) by Janet Evanovich (Paranormal(ish) mystery, hardcover, 308 pages; published June 23, 2015 by Bantam; source: publisher)

These stories are like Pringles: hard to stop reading, quickly devoured and result in a slight tummy ache when done. A little off-beat and containing the most delicious males (Diesel and Wulf). Plus, monkeys. How can you go wrong? 3.5 stars

The House of Shattered Wings (Dominion of the Fallen #1) by Aliette de Bodard (Fantasy, hardcover, 402 pages; published Aug. 18, 2015 by Roc)

Really enjoyed the beginning and set up of the world…but then it got mired in too many characters and backstory and dragged along without enough forward motion. *might* continue the series but it depends. If we have more action, movement, then I’m in. If not, I’m out. 3 stars.


Crucible of Souls (Sorcery Ascendant Sequence #1) by Mitchell Hogan (Fantasy, paperback, 512 pages; published Sept. 22, 2015 by Harper Voyager; source: publisher/Harper Voyager Super Reader)

All the shades of an epic fantasy with an intriguing magical system. Enjoyed this one though it dragged in the middle and I wanted to strangle the main character multiple times. Ended on a rather large cliffhanger. 3 stars.

Blood of Innocents (Sorcery Ascendant Sequence #2) by Mitchell Hogan (Fantasy, paperback, 592 pages; published Feb. 2, 2016 by Harper Voyager; source: publisher)

Got the second book in this series for review (thanks!) but it had been too long since I’d read the first book and I was completely lost b/c there was no recap/refresh of any kind (I read so many books, it’s hard to keep it all straight in my brain). DNF (if I have time, I might go back and read the first into this second…but I have too many books and too little time. Drat.)

Dead Ice (Anita Blake #23) by L.K. Hamilton (Urban Fantasy, hardcover, 566 pages; published June 9, 2015 by Berkley; source: publisher)

While this was the strongest plot from Hamilton in years, unfortunately, the massive cast of characters and their connections is the story’s own worst enemy. Too much drama and angst and the need for Anita to have sex with everyone. I keep trying with this series because I want it to be like it was at the beginning. 3 stars.

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