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I was pretty romance-centric last week, though a variety of sub-genres. I started last week with a recommended book. Well, technically NOT recommended, as it got a D- from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (way back in 2009) but it sounded so awesomely bad that I just had to read it (glutton for punishment). The Playboy Sheik’s Virgin Stable Girl by Sharon Kendrick (contemporary romance, 192 pages, Harlequin, Aug. 2009, purchased) was everything I’d hoped and worse. And, yes, I’ll fully admit that, after laughing out loud at the now famous quote, I just couldn’t help myself:

Kaliq dismounted with the same speed and grace as he would remove himself from the body of a woman he had just made love to.

8757591OMG. And the whole book was jam-packed with just such treasures in purple prose. Of *course* the stable girl is a virgin. Of *course* the sheik always has a new woman in his bed (ones he disposes as easily as used tissue when he’s sated his lust). And…and…he calls her “lizard” as her pet name. What the what? Yeah. That’s sexy. I really want to jump in bed with a guy who likens me to a lizard. But I’m not a sheltered virgin stable girl, either.

Why, his little lizard looked almost beautiful!

Uh. No. Dude. LOL. While this book only garnered 2 stars from me, it was also entertaining in its horrifying descriptions and over-sexed sheik. Still, I found myself rooting for the Virgin Stable Girl to kick him in the balls.

My next read turned out to be a duo, part of The Fixers series by Audrey Faye. The first is Destiny’s Song (SciFi, 182 pages, Fireweed Publishing, Oct. 2015, purchased) and the second is Grower’s Omen (SciFi, 162 pages, Fireweed 2721339128931971Publishing, Feb. 2016, purchased). I’d read where someone compared this new series to Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsong so of COURSE I had to read it — the Pern series was my introduction to SciFi/Fantasy, the first SFF book I read on my own way back when. (God, I’m going to have to go back and reread it, aren’t I? It’s been too long.) Destiny’s Song came out in October 2015 and Grower’s Omen just came out this month…and I need more. I like how strong and capable the women are, how they have
to make hard choices in order to do their jobs and they break the rules when it’s the right thing to do. I also like how the women are all good, supportive friends — when one leaves for a job on another planet, they always have a send-off for her. There’s some romance in the first book but not really in the second (poor Tyra!). Really solid, enjoyable reads, both of them. She’s an indie author and there’s nothing in Goodreads as to when/if there will be another book in the series but I certainly hope so!

And then there was my introduction to the O’Kane gang, as I picked up Beyond Shame (post-apocalyptic erotica, 351 15830843 16049677pages, Moira Rogers, Sept. 2012, purchased) and Beyond Control (post-apocalyptic erotica, 400 pages, Moira Rogers, March 2013, purchased) both  by Kit Rocha. Wow, these suckers are hot. Lots and lots of smexytimes with alpha men and the women they try not to fall for but just can’t help themselves, the big lugs. There’s some shenanigans, some power struggles and a lot of sex. (Seriously. Do these people not have anything else to do? No? Okay. You do you. And her. And him…) These stories are just so darned readable, immersing the reader in the gritty world of the O’Kanes.

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  1. You’re reading the Beyond series? YEAH MARY!!!!! They’re like crack. I wasn’t sure I was going to like them since I normally don’t like it when the hero and heroine of a romance sleep with people other than one another, but this series just worked for me. Maybe because they’re so casual about it? No drama or angst from the other people they’re with.

    I need to read the newest one!!!
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  2. Wow Mary you’ve tackled such a mix of books this week, I am just dying over your description over Kendrick’s book, a lizard!! And I really found myself wanting to give the Beyond series a go when you mentioned, but now after reading Jenny’s comment above too, I think I will. Thanks for putting these books on my radar!
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  3. I have yet to read the Pern series… can you believe it? I suck as a fantasy reader.

    Btw, I read “Why, his little lizard looked almost beautiful!” before I read your description and I wasn’t thinking of HER nickname when I read it. ROFL. Yea, that would have been a better horrid description which would have been even more fun to read (I’m betting you get it now if you didn’t get what I meant at first… *snicker*).
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  4. Lizard? lol I am not sure I could have gotten through that book! The indie ones sound interesting to me though. I might have to check them out. Erotica isn’t my thing but glad you loved them:)