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When I started this blog way back in 2010, I never expected to still be blogging in 2016 but…I am! Granted, I just took a couple of months off but that was a definite necessity. Blogging burnout, especially after doing it 3-5 times a week for years, is a real thing.

It didn’t help that I struggled with reading this year. A LOT of DNF’s. A lot of mediocre reads (they were probably pretty darned good reads but I was in the biggest damn reading slump…still am a bit but it’s getting better!). My Goodreads stats:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.15.10 PMSo, why keep blogging? Why not just give it up, go back to just reading without the pressure of reviewing and posting consistently. Why? Because I’ve met the most amazing people in the bookish blogging community. People I would never have met otherwise and am so happy to have in my life. They love books and authors and are just so fantastic. Sadly, my local friends just don’t share my love of reading. (I know! Why am I friends with them?) The blog and social media is a way to share my…ahem…obsession. Truly, there’s little better than fangirling over an author or fantastic story or fussing over a sticky plot point with someone who *gets* it.



One of my biggest resolutions for this year is to chill the hell out. I tend to obsess and the obsession leads to anxiety which leads to depression and grows into this perpetual cycle that is so unhealthy. I’m applying that resolution to my blogging, too. I’m aiming to post three times a week but, if Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.15.36 PMthat doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. If I post more, awesome. Same goes for visiting blogs and commenting. (I love y’all but I know I won’t be commenting every day or on every post.)

Actually, I think that’s the key to long-term in blogging — do it because you love it, don’t stress out over it, and take breaks when necessary. For me, at least. What keeps you blogging? Why do you love blogging?

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    I frequently walk away or let my blog go days, weeks, without posts. At the end of the day, this is supposed to be fun. It’s not my job. I don’t get paid for this. The only obligations I have are to myself.

    I started doing more blog tours because I still wanted to be involved in the community, but I was over actual blogging.
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  2. I don’t have a lot of people that love the same type of books as I do, that get that paranormal books are good, or romances etc. so reviewing for me is an outlet to share my thoughts and I love it. Reviewing for two sites sometimes gets out of hand for me, especially when my favorite tv shows are on, but so far I am handling it! I do love it and the blogging community-so many people I enjoy talking books with! I had noticed you were gone because I signed up to follow you sometime back and this is the first email I have gotten since doing so. I am glad you are back and hope you find lots of great reads in 2016.

  3. This year seemed to have a lot more meh to okay reads and way less amazing ones overall. Not sure what it was but so many of us seemed to have the same thing happening.

    Planning ahead keeps me blogging. I try to have a good chunk of posts ready to go which makes it way less stressful for me. I started doing that at the end of my first year and the stress of blogging dropped to like nothing for me which has been great. I think if I’d not managed to do that I probably would have called it quits by now. I love visiting with all of the bloggers too 😀 So many fun people out there to visit and talk books with 🙂
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  4. YES MARY!!!! My goal this year is to chill the hell out too. I still put way too much pressure on myself to review a certain number of books and keep to a certain schedule, so my goal is to just not worry about it. If I miss a day here and there, OH WELL!

    And I was in an epic reading slump for most of last year too, just couldn’t settle in with anything. Cutting back to 2 reviews a week really helped with that, but I’m hoping this year brings books that just blow me away:)
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  5. Totally agree. I am into my fifth year now and I Have finally learned to stop blogging for everyone else. I am reading more and more of what I want to read and cutting back. I am once again excited to read and not feeling the stress. Here is to a stress free 2016.