Bingeworthy Video Game: Fallout 4

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Okay, I know that many of you aren’t gamers but the ones coming out of companies like Bethesda Studios are a lot of fun. My favorite games are those that have a great plot, intriguing characters and gorgeous worldbuilding. (Not surprisingly, that’s also what I need in my books.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.16.58 PMFallout 4 is (obviously) the fourth installment in this series and one of the most complex and interesting. The basic plot of this game is: there’s a nuclear war, leaving America in shambles (who the hell knows what’s going on in the rest of the world…). A “lucky” few made it into fancy Vaults before the bombs fell. Our heroine (or hero, if you choose to play as the husband) wound up in one where they were cryogenically frozen (oops. Not what she signed up for.). Two hundred years in the future, some bad guys break in, steal her baby and shoot her husband. She emerges from her ice popsicle state pissed and ready to kick some arse to get her kiddo back.

See? Plot! Motivation! And Dogmeat! I love Dogmeat. She’s my furry companion. Plus, she does tricks and tears the Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.15.58 PMthroat out of the bad guys.

Besides taking down bad guys, you also get to choose a “team” — will you be a part of the Railroad (who are do-gooders who rescue synths from the evil Institute), the Brotherhood of Steel (macho douches who wish to cleanse the world of all but those who they believe are bad…ie, everyone not them), the Institute (asshats who hide in their underground bunker to “protect” the human race. Btw, they’re the ones who kidnapped your son), or the Minutemen (relatively normal people trying to put their world back together). I wound up playing almost all sides (lots of quests…more goodies) but for the last mission, picked the Minutemen.

This installment of Fallout also allows you to build a community throughout the Commonwealth. You have up to 30 settlements you can run, attracting settlers, building (really crappy, ramshackle) places for them to live, trying to make the settlers (those ungrateful rat bastards) happy (seriously, why aren’t they happy with food, water and a place to sleep? They always want more. *sigh*).

A game you can zip through so you can try to save your kid or take your time with, to build a better world for your family, Fallout 4 is great for newbies or veteran gamers alike.

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