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20417843Pocket Apocalypse (InCrypitd #4) by Seanan McGuire

Urban fantasy, mass market paperback, 352 pages; published March 3, 2015 by DAW; source: publisher

Usually, I really like my alpha heroes but, for whatever reason, when those heroes are the solo main characters of a story, I just fall hard for the kind of nerdy, awkward and brilliant guys (much like real life, come to think of it). Alex of McGuire’s InCrypitd series fits that description to a T. He’s a scientist who, though he works at a relatively regular zoo, specializes in cryptozoology and travels all over, studying those not-really-mythological critters. So, of course, he’s going to wind up in the original Land of Weird Critters, Australia. As with most series, it’s a good idea to have read the prior three books for a bit more insight into Alex, his world and his family (who play a crucial role in his life) but it’s not necessary in this story’s case. I liked the introduction of werewolves to the list of interesting creatures Alex has catalogued and appreciated the different approach to them as well (though I do still like my hot alpha werewolves…). One quibble: Alex’s girlfriend’s family was a total pain in the ass.  I just wanted to smack them all around the entire time we spent with them. 4 stars.

22584974Dark Heir (Jane Yellowrock #9) by Faith Hunter

Urban fantasy, mass market paperback, 363 pages; published April 7, 2015 by Roc; source: publisher

As always, Jane is a completely badass shifter. I love the symbiotic relationship between her and Beast, especially as that seems to be morphing into something more (and more positive).  Leo’s hidden a lot from Jane, kept things that Jane actually could have used to do her job and now it’s coming back around to bite him in the arse (hehe. Leo. Such a weaselly politician of a vampire). As the ninth installment in this series, Dark Heir really keeps the story fresh and moving forward. Jane’s relationship with Bruiser is progressing (that damn Ricky Bo still enters her thoughts but he’s still pretty much out of the picture. Never liked that selfish arsehat) and it’s fun to see Bruiser romance this challenging woman, even though romance takes a backseat to all the other action in Jane’s life. Jane’s “family”, that pair who’ve stuck with her through thick and thin in the last couple of books (since they entered the picture), still provide support and a solid base on which Jane can grow and thrive. Onto book 10 — can’t wait to see what happens next. 4 stars.

24371707Omega (War of the Alphas #1) by SM Reine

Urban fantasy, Kindle edition, 243 pages; published April 2, 2015 by Red Iris Books; source: publisher

Overall, I enjoyed this story. However, despite it being the first story in a new series, it piggybacks off one of Reine’s other series (one I didn’t read all of) and, because of who’s involved and what’s happening in this series, it really would have been beneficial to have read all of the other series. Deirdre is an omega werewolf who can’t shift shapes yet she’s the only one who can resist the siren’s call of wannabe alpha Everton Stark. This is very beneficial to the current Alpha, Rylie (Rylie of the other series that you should read to really get what’s going on and to know the characters in this story *sigh*). Again, this story was enjoyable but needed some smoothing and polishing to make it flow a bit better. 3 stars.

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