Quick Shots with author Lilith Saintcrow

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268190CLOUD WATCHER (Watcher #4)

(Paranormal Romance, Paperback, 216 pages; published October 30, 2006 by Imajinn Books; source: publisher)

Okay, so this wasn’t my favorite book of hers. Actually, this might be my least favorite. But it’s still a good read. Anya’s an air witch but she doesn’t know she’s one…she just thinks she’s nuts and that weird things happen around her and that there are bad guys chasing her for some strange, unknown reason. Poor girl. She barely has time for a breather as she races from bad situation to worse, trying to do what’s right for her and Shell. And then she winds up in this town that has other witches with protectors (watchers). Exactly what Anya needs, except she doesn’t know it. The worldbuilding was a little shaky — I would have liked more depth, more paranormal stuff, and a bit more explanation as to why the watchers had to obey their witches. (Um…a building on fire is the cover art? Really?) 3 stars.


(Paranormal Romance, Paperback, 218 pages; published February 28, 2009 by ImaJinn Books; source: publisher)

I love a woman with gumption and Francesca certainly has that. Who else would do some research and go into the sewers hunting whatever supernatural woo-woo was snatching up kiddies? A librarian who discovered a secret library, created a weapon that hadn’t been seen in ages, and armed herself with that and a flashlight, that’s who. She doesn’t really realize what she is…but Orion does and he’s intrigued, even though it’s a bit of a challenge to protect her, since she’s not totally into the whole “I need protection” thing. She’s an independent chick. Loved the librarian, enjoyed the romance but, again, needed a bit more worldbuilding. (God-awful cover. *shudders*) 4 stars.

25973471THE SOCIETY (Society #1)

(Paranormal Romance, Kindle Edition; published July 31, 2015 by BelleBooks; source: publisher)

First released in 2005, The Society was just rereleased with a new cover (ooh! Top off!). You can tell that this is one of Saintcrow’s first book, before she really found her niche in the urban fantasy realm. In this story, there are two factions: one government and one rogue. The government is the bad guy here, as they drug and brainwash their psychics, rather than working with them and helping them, as the rogue faction does. Del rescues Rowan and brings her to the rogue faction — she’s supposedly a super-special chick (I didn’t really see it, though she’s a sweet girl) and Del’s this bad-ass that everyone’s afraid of. we were told that more than shown it and I would have liked some more worldbuilding. Huh. I’m seeing a bit of a theme here but, still, I liked how this story starts out and how the rogues are fighting the good fight. However…it’s a cliffhanger. A biggie. I’m out. 3 stars.

23315657TRAILER PARK FAE (Gallow and Ragged #1)

(Urban Fantasy, Paperback, 352 pages; published June 23, 2015 by Orbit; source: publisher)

Okay, now this is the Lilith Saintcrow I know and enjoy! Very urban fantasy and freaky, filled with enough descriptive language to knock your socks off. This wasn’t a book I could just blow through, either. I actually had to settle into the book, to sink into this odd Fae-filled world. That’s kind of typical of the author’s later works, though. Her prose is dense, which is somewhat atypical of the urban fantasies I usually read. Kind of hard to get though in some parts, actually. I do wish that there was a bit more humor to this story (the blurb’s a bit misleading on this point) but most of her stories don’t contain humor like that so I wasn’t expecting it. My favorite character was Jeremy, a fae (we don’t really know what kind until later on) who’s ditched the fae realm and is quietly doing his thing in a trailer park. Well, until things get shaken up by an odd little character named Ragged. Even though this book took some work, I’m looking forward to the next installment (though I do hope the plot threads are a bit less obscured by the dense language). 3 1/2 stars.

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