Speed Date with Mason: EXIT Strategy by Lena Diaz

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First Date: You know it’s going to be good when Mr. Tall, Dark and Deadly is sent to kill the heroine, finds out he’s been sent after an innocent woman, and decides to kidnap her “for her own good”. Yeah. To protect her. Of course, Sabrina knows nothing about this backstory, just that some big, hulking guy has snatched her up without her permission. “Um, excuse me, sir? But just WTF do you think you’re doing?” Yeah, those would be my first words, right after kicking the dude in the balls. And Sabrina’s no fainting flower. She just doesn’t know who to trust (surprise, surprise! Kidnapping a woman–even if it is to save her life–doesn’t automatically endear you to someone!). Come on, girl. Mason’s your man! He’s hot, smart and is trying to do the right thing, even if he starts out in the wrong direction.

Second Date: Now, just because Mason is an assassin working for a corrupt company, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. Of course not! But he does need to figure out why they sent him after Sabrina and what’s really going on at EXIT, Inc. Because EXIT isn’t going to stop sending people after her until she’s dead…and Mason’s not about to let that happen. Poor Mason. He thought he was doing good…a little bit of (paid) vigilante justice to right the wrongs and rid the world of some pretty bad people. He’s a total white hat at heart. As he and Sabrina run from one crisis to another, I really just wanted to buy the poor boy a beer and tell him it would be alright. I mean, at least he’s getting a little nookie while doing the right thing, right? And yay for Sabrina jumping right into the crazy fray and working just as hard as Mason to figure out what in the hell is actually going on.

Third Date: There are plenty of sparks between Mason and Sabrina (not surprising, considering they’re now running for their lives from the other assassins sent to kill Sabrina) but there wasn’t quite enough time for them to really get to know one another. After all, like Annie from Speed says, “…’cause you know, relationships that start under intense circumstances, they never last.” And she should know. She’s done extensive study on it. Annie’s study habits aside, Mason and Sabrina are a great couple to watch as they work to untangle the Gordian knot their lives have become. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in this series!

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