ToT: Deep by Kylie Scott

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 Ooh, looky how that man handles his guitar! And *real* tattoos, FTW!! (At least they look real. Better than many of the fake black tribal ones we tend to see on romance novels.)

*wipes off drool* Okay, down to the review. I’ve really liked this series — it’s sweet and funny, and there’s plenty of lovely smexy scenes. That being said, I didn’t enjoy this story nearly as much as the others. Ben, the hero, had such potential. A big, sexy bearded rock star? Oh, yes, please! Except…we didn’t really get to know Ben. He seemed rather peripheral, a secondary character in his own story. He just didn’t pop off the page like, for example, Mal (who I loved, even when I wanted to smack him upside the head for his childish behavior).

And, sadly, I didn’t really like the heroine so much. Lizzy finds herself preggers, after a lovely romp with Ben in Vegas, despite Lizzie’s protective older sister, Anne (Mal’s wife), warning Liz away from Ben and Mal (Lizzy’s brother-in-law) warning Ben off Lizzie. So, yeah. Pregnant. Surprise! So, this what does this college girl do? Why, she quits school and follows the band around on tour. Really, Lizzie? Really? *headdesk*

Despite the fact that this review sounds like I hated the story, I didn’t. I enjoyed it but was just disappointed because I enjoyed the others so much more. Oh, well. Still a good read — one I blew through in one sitting because, even though I wanted more Ben and less lackluster Liz, I enjoy Kylie Scott’s writing. She keeps me entertained.

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  1. *also wipes away drool*

    Those tattoos definitely look more real than most, but if the cover model could fly to me for closer inspection, that would be great 😉 I don’t love the sound of Lizzie in this one, I think she would frustrate me as she did you, but I’m glad it was a solid read despite her!
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  2. Tattoos are always one of my biggest weaknesses Mary, so I’m certainly not one to complain after looking at this cover. Sorry you weren’t able to enjoy this one as much as you’d hoped, after you’d described Lizzie’s character, I definitely think that I would want to see less of her around in the story too!
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  3. Love the tattooed rock star look, but it’s a shame Ben seemed like a secondary character in his own novel. And quitting school to follow a band around? I think that would irritate me too much to enjoy that man crush cover. 🙂 Glad you were still able to enjoy it!
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  4. I’m always hesitant with rocker romances because they seem so far fetched (like other romances are so rooted in reality, lol!). I always think they won’t last because those guys just get way too much attention and offers. It’s unfortunate Liz was a bit lackluster and Ben didn’t make more of an impression. Great review, Mary! 🙂
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