Top Off Tuesday: The one with the tattered shirt

Posted 28 April, 2015 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | Review | 12 Comments


Yes, I have a zillion reviews to write but I really just needed a fabulous Top Off Tuesday (hosted by the fabulous Kelly at Reading the Paranormal….just ignore that non-updated TOT graphic and stare at the hot dude taking off his shirt instead)…and this one pretty much fits the bill. The tease of the ripped shirt. The black undies. That smolder…holy cow, that smolder. He’s a tad bit over-waxed for me but I’m thinking that, as an MMA fighter, he probably has to wax so no one will pull on his hairs while they’re doing their fighting thing.

I haven’t read this one but for Tony “Scarface”, I might actually pick up another MMA book. Anyone read this one?

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