Top Off Tuesday: Midnight’s Kiss by Thea Harrison

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I think I did this as a ToT before but now I’ve got a review to go with it, too! I’m actually a little disappointed that there’s not at least *some* BDSM to match the promise of the hot vampire in chains. Alas, Julian’s merely chained in a dungeon, being held prisoner…no kinky stuff.

Julian and Melisandre have always been at odds, snarking and sniping at one another but when extenuating circumstances (kidnapping, getting chained in a dungeon, you know. That kind of stuff.) force them together, they realize how much they really care for one another. I wasn’t really a fan of Julian because of the way he treated his maker, Carling, the former Vampire Queen (of course, she was kind of losing it, as many super-old vamps do but still) and Melisandre seemed like kind of a flighty Fae but, after witnessing both of them in action, I grew to really like both of them (Dragos and Pia are still my favorite, though!).

This story’s good but…it doesn’t seem to go anywhere, except to solve things between Julian and Melly and smooth relations between both families. The pair spend most of their time in the tunnels/dungeons trying to escape and making some time for “love on the run” (which never seems like a good idea to me but okay). Still, highly enjoyable. I really can’t pass up any of Thea Harrison’s Elder Races stories! And, woot-woot, Grayson is up next!! *swoons*

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  1. Too bad the chains weren’t used for anything sexy, but nice to hear the story was some fun. I’ve only listened to the first (Pia and Dragos) book in this series, but I already have the 2nd book. It was a fun story, but nothing that knocked my socks off. I’ll have to get back to the series sometime. Wonderful review, Mary! 🙂
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