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As usual, I’ve blown through a big ole pile of books (whee!) and, as usual, am behind in my reviews. Let’s face it, I’m never going to catch up. My Tweet-short reviews are a way for me to highlight some recent or upcoming releases while also keeping track of what I read (I *try* to keep up via Goodreads but…at the moment, it claims I’m 22 books behind in my challenge. Nuh-uh! You’re totally wrong, GR.).

Anyway, featured in this edition of Tweet-Short Reviews are some Harper Voyager titles. While some of the Voyager titles are right in my wheelhouse (Kim Harrison and Kevin Hearne, for example), a lot of the titles open my SciFi/Fantasy reading window a bit farther than it’s been before, which is usually a good thing.

darkDARK ALCHEMY by Laura Bickle
(Urban Fantasy, paperback, 384 pages; published April 28, 2015 by Harper Voyager Impulse; source: publisher)

In small town Wyoming filled with odd characters, men who can’t die, Petra goes looking for answers. Creepy atmosphere, intriguing story plus Sig, the coyote.


clockworkTHE CLOCKWORK DAGGER (Clockwork Dagger Duology #1) by Beth Cato
(Steampunk, paperback, 368 pages; published September 16, 2014 by Harper Voyager; source: publisher)

A lot of genres mixed into this one, a bit overwhelming. Liked magical Octavia, as she learned to survive in a machine-filled world. Could work as YA.


positivePOSITIVE by David Wellington
(Horror/zombies, hardcover, 448 pages; published April 21, 2015 by Harper Voyager; source: publisher)

Romance, saving the world, a road trip, and, of course, zombies. Despite being a bit burned out on the zombie/post-apoc genre as a whole, this was a solid read.


diabolicalTHE DIABOLICAL MISS HYDE (Electric Empire #1) by Viola Carr
(Steampunk, paperback, 464 pages; published February 10, 2015 by Harper Voyager; source: publisher)

Interesting spin on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (Eliza/Lizzie, in this case) story with a good mystery to boot. A little slow and unfocused, however.


masterMASTER SERGEANT by Mel Odom
(Military Science Fiction, paperback, 384 pages; published January 27, 2015 by Voyager; source: publisher)

Filled with mech-suits, a hostile environment, warring aliens, and politics, this SciFi military story pushed me out of my comfort zone…and I liked it.

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  1. Yes, I felt the same way about the Diabolical Ms. Hyde that book drove me nuts. I don’t think I will go on with that series Liked Dark Alchemy but it left me with too many questions. Hope there is a sequel.
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