Do It in 140: Tweet-Short Reviews (13)

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I read fast. Like, a-book-a-day-fast. Because of that superpower, I’m always behind on my reviews. But, taking inspiration from Twitter, I realized I can talk about a lot of books in just 140 characters. And this way, I get to talk about a lot of books! Seriously, it’s a win-win situation.

Broken Soul (Jane Yellowrock #8) by Faith Hunter
(Urban Fantasy; 329 pages; Published Oct. 7, 2014; Publisher/source: Roc)

Jane just doesn’t disappoint. Leo’s talked her into another job & she, having put down roots, says yes (grr, Leo!). Love Eli, Kid. Rooting for Bruiser!

Black Widow (Elemental Assassin #12) by Jennifer Estep
(Urban Fantasy; 357 pages; Published Nov. 25, 2014; Publisher/source: Pocket Books)

Gin needs a vacation. New villain MM Monroe is truly bad-assed, makes Gin work for her life, family. Definitely intrigued by new series arc.

Witches of Echo Park (Book #1) by Amber Benson
(Urban Fantasy; 304 pages; Published Jan. 6, 2015; Publisher/source: Ace)

Series has potential, is cute but there are too many characters focused on! We don’t need to know everything about everyone. Needed more time w/ MC, on looming threat rather than worldbuilding.

Jinn and Juice (The Jinni #1) by Nicole Peeler
(Urban Fantasy; 384 pages; Published Nov. 25, 2014; Publisher/source: Orbit)

Exciting new series with jinn. Loved the circle of characters that surround, look out for Leila. Enjoyed the mythology, potential storylines. Wished for more humor.

Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker
(Fantasy; 576 pages; Published July 29, 2014; Publisher/source: Penguin)

Well, that was unexpected. A lot of potential but needed some trimming. Really wished Nora would have kicked Aruendiel’s arse for his not “women’s work” attitude.

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  1. Peeler was constantly criticized for the almost ridiculous humor in her Jane True series (which I happened to love) so I suspect that’s why she made this so dry. I wish she’d kept at it, though.
    As for Jane, I’m rooting for Bruiser too! Always have been, always will be. He’s just my kind of guy.
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  2. I read the first Elemental Assassin book and didn’t really care for Gin that much. It could’ve been the narrator, but I guess you’ve enjoyed the series enough to get to book 12! Wow, a lot of books in the series. I have a Jane Yellowrock book that I need to get to someday. Great short & tweets, Mary! I want your superpower! 🙂
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