Speed Date with Kate: Deadly Spells by Jaye Wells

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speed date

First Date: Even though I didn’t have the best time with Kate in the last book (she was in her head too much, struggling with weighty things), there was no way I could resist her next adventure, Deadly Spells. And, hot damn, Kate’s back to the awesomely kick-ass, intelligent and complex woman we met in the first book. Things are going along pretty well for Kate: she’s settled in completely with her new team, Baba’s moved in with her and helps look after Danny, Danny’s learning clean magic and has lost a small amount of the teen angst he was suffering with (and, in turn, making us suffer with) (he’s still a teen, though). Life is good. Until someone starts killing. (These dates can never go smoothly, can they.)

Second Date: Wells’s world is realistic and gritty, filled with dirty characters and people trying to clean up the city. Babylon would really be a crappy place to live but, to Kate, it’s home. Except home has the Brazilian cartel trying to horn in on the action and some murderous shaman trying to start a war between the covens. Incorporating police procedural and urban fantasy, this story effortlessly intertwines Kate’s work life and home life throughout the story, each thread weaving together to create fully fleshed-out characters that, personally, I wouldn’t mind sitting down and having a beer or two with.

Third Date: I had a really hard time setting this book down and going to bed last night. I really wanted to keep reading, to find out how Volos screws over Kate once again (she needs to grab that dude by the balls and make him beg!), to find out if she ever gets up the courage to take it to the next level with gorgeous alpha Morales, and to find out how they finally get the shaman and prevent the Brazilians from coming to Babylon. Truly, if I didn’t have yearbook pictures scheduled for the next day, I would have taken a mental health day, just so I could finish the story. But I finished it as soon as I got home from work and fed the dogs (because I would have no peace if I hadn’t fed the mutts first. They’re persistently stubborn and annoying when it comes to kibble time). Totally worth it. I closed this book with a satisfied smile and bought another round. Cheers, Kate!

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  1. Love a book that keeps me up late reading Mary! I think I may need to give this series a try:) And I completely feel your pain on the doggies – Griffin wears me down with the intensity of his stare every time. You’d think he’d eventually waver, but he never does. He stares at me until I do what he wants. It’s a good thing I love him:)
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  2. So I just said on another review of this book that I didn’t know if I was ready to dive into it myself. I struggled with the last one, but was hopeful for future installments, b/c Kate seemed to have finally stopped being so obstinatly ridiculous about youknowwhat. But now you’ve gone and made me hope that some of your reasons for not putting the book down were justified, and if one of those justified reasons has to do with MORALES (who looks like he’d wear whiskey and gasoline as cologne, GAWD, I loved that description) . . . YEP. Definitely changed my mind. Well done, Mary 😉
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  3. My cats will drive me bananas if I don’t feed them right when I get home, too.

    I’ve never heard of this series but it sounds amazing. I do love UF’s and I’m always up for a new one to add to the TBR. Great speed date (even with the bumps), Mary! 🙂
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  4. Yay! So glad to hear Kate is back to badassery. I’ve had my eye on this series and now that I hear this installment is awesome, I think it’s time to give it a start. Your pups are so cute, you can’t hold it against them when they want kibble time priority. 🙂
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