Review: Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

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I love the world of Mercy Thompson. It’s bright, vibrant and filled with intriguing characters. Actually, it’s one of the few paranormal/fantasy/urban fantasy worlds I’d like to live in (if only I could have an Adam to go along with my entrée into that particular society). So of COURSE, I had to read this collection filled with both old and new stories.

(A side note: while it’s cool that there are ten stories in here but half of them are already released which, to me, makes the $18 price of the hardcover and $11 price of the Kindle a lot for four new short stories. Granted, I’d pay it but still.)

Besides the “reader favorites”, there are four new stories:

Aw! The story of how Samuel and Arianna first met! Except it’s not sweet. It’s incredibly sad. No wonder Samuel’s as cranky as he is. Maybe that he and Arianna have reconnected (somewhat), things will improve for that old wolf.

“Roses in Winter”
I’m going to have to claim this one as my favorite. I love The Marrok and the whole pack dynamics in the town he’s set up. This one features Kara, the pre-teen who was turned in an attack. She’s having trouble adjusting to life as a werewolf and Asil, bless the old wolf, decides to take her on as a project, hoping to help her so they don’t have to make the difficult decision to put her down. Stories like this make me want to spend more time with these old wolves (and Kara, too).

Featuring werewolf Ben, this story made me laugh. First off, Ben’s trapped in a no-swearing bet and his rather creative work arounds.

Reminded of his trouble, Ben growled. “Yes. This program is a piece of…junk. My boss says his boss though it would be a s…spiffy idea to replace my program that does a …perfectly adequate job already with this…program. I expect the…nice gentleman in question is getting a f…fiddling kickback.”

Second, there’s Mel, someone Ben sees as more prey than not but he sticks up for her when she starts to get unwanted attention from an arsebucket at work. I loved seeing how Ben drove him off and wound up the hero.
Yay for a Mercy story! Granted, I’ve loved all these little stories filled with the awesome secondary characters that inhabit this world but Mercy’s my girl. I liked how this story follows the same general format as the novels, with Mercy investigating a pesky ghost (which turns out to be a bit more than she expected) and deciding what to do with her demolished garage (come on, Mercy. You wouldn’t be you without those cars to putter around with!).

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