October Blog Break

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I’m taking another week off. You’ve probably noticed the very sporadic postings over the past couple weeks as well as a decided lack of replies to comments…and commenting in general. It’s not because I don’t love y’all or that I’m quitting blogging (though, seriously, that’s crossed my mind multiple times lately for a variety of reasons).

It’s because I’m tired.


Stressed out.

October turned into the craziest month: First newspaper deadline. Yearbook cover deadline. Senior picture deadline. MakeUp Picture Day deadline. End of the first quarter and grading all the papers I put off while trying to make the other deadlines deadline. Gorgeous weather so I can’t stay inside. Reading slump. Gamecock football (yeah, we suck but there’s still tailgating!). Writing slump. High school football (the school I teach at is 9-0, the only undefeated 4A team in the state — and it’s our first year in 4A!). Fall cleaning binge (hey, gotta take advantage when the mood strikes). Multiple birthdays. Just…nonstop.

Which means I’ve got little time or energy to blog. (Is there a Blogger Flu going around? ‘Cause I think I’ve got it.)

Plus, there’s the whole author-stalks-blogger-writes-article-for-Guardian-gets-praised thing. I just can’t even. Seriously?!? Seriously #HaleNo. (If you’re not sure what I’m referencing, check out the #HaleNo hashtag on Twitter or read Dear Author’s reporting of the incident and published article — there are a lot of other bloggers who also wrote fantastic articles on the incident and a lot of them are linked at DA and via the Twitter hashtag.)

It’s crazypants.

Anyway, I have plans to get back at it next month…well, in a week (since that is technically next month. Where the hell did the year go, by the way? Did some evil aliens come and steal time? Where’s The Doctor when you need him?) I’m going to do NaNoWriMo again this year (yes, I’m one of *those* bloggers. One who plans to be a published author some day. God forbid I should have aspirations, right?). If  you’re NaNo-ing (yes, it’s a verb. Didn’t you know?), I’m MaryBrebner. (OMG. Real names?!? Maybe…maybe not. I could just be catfishing you. Oh, wait. Creating a pseudonym for the purposes of protecting anonymity *isn’t* catfishing. It’s just protecting yourself.)

But enough of that. How ’bout a dog picture?

Finn and Fi 1

Finn and Fiona take a break from our five-mile walk-in-the-swamp adventure. We brought home many fine burrs and a couple of ticks. Fun was had by all.

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  1. I completely understand Mary! I’ve had a really rough couple of weeks as well, and the blog has had to take a back seat. Plus, all the drama just makes me tired and sad, it’s so disappointing when this community starts cannibalizing itself. It’s happened a couple times in the 4+ years I’ve blogged, and it’s more horrifying each time. Glad you’re giving yourself a break, and I hope you enjoy your time off my friend!!!!

    Also, yay dog pictures:)
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  2. That reviewer/author debacle was just shocking! A terrible example all the way around.

    As far as taking a break, I totally understand, Mary! Sometimes I feel like I’ve caught the “blogger flu” too, and everything just seems like too much! Hope you get some rest and recharge your batteries! Happy reading and writing! 🙂
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  3. You’re hilarious. Was wondering where you dropped off to – but then I haven’t been commenting around much either though I’ve still been posting cause I’ve justbeen too freaking sick, constantly and still sick. And the major reading funk too. But I’ve been drawing and trying to craft up a storm since I can’t focus my brain on reading (and get this the bulk of my job/workday is spent reading which makes it REALLY hard to focus because my concentration powers are so low for that …maybe its the hormones and the raging need to vomit. lol

    Anyyyywhooo Just take the break you need. No need to give up blogging. Personally if I ever tire of it that much I don’t think I would quit just totally only blog whenever I wanted to. Life definitely gets in the way sometimes of our hobbies and if you’re hobby is getting too stressful just back off it and do it at your own pace =) I’ve given myself the permission to not HAVE to post everyday (though I still do except one random day a week lol) But I know I won’t always be able or even want to maintain then – but who knows?

    Feel better *hugs*
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